Nikolay Girenko

Picture of Nikolay Girenko

Date of Birth: 10/31/1940

Age: 63

Citizenship: Russia


Nikolai Girenko was born October 31, 1940 in Leningrad. He graduated from the Faculty of Oriental Studies of Leningrad State University (1967). In 1967-1970 was a military translator on the island of Zanzibar (Tanzania).

Since 1970, he worked in the Leningrad branch of the Institute of Ethnography and Anthropology. N. Maclay (now the Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography named after Peter the Great - the Kunstkammer.) Academy of Sciences of the USSR; in 1986-1990, and since 1993 - Head of the sector in Africa; in 1990-1992 - acting, in 1992-93 - the deputy. Director of the museum work. Associate Professor of the Leningrad State University. A specialist in the field of ethnology.

The deputy first democratic Lensovet - Petrograd Soviet (1990-1993; elected with the support of the Leningrad People`s Front).

Girenko - one of the founders of the St. Petersburg Union of Scientists; led the group for the protection of rights of national minorities, supervised research and educational programs on tolerance and combating chauvinism. In 1991, he was one of the organizers of Russia`s first European Conference for the rights of national minorities.

Girenko was the chief organizer and ideologist of the work on the legal counteraction National extremism in St. Petersburg. Nikolai Girenko was on international human rights congresses, what is of particular annoyance to extreme nationalists, to report it to the nationalist press.

In 2004, Nikolai Girenko played witness at the trial against the extreme nationalist newspaper "Russian Veche". He was also involved in preparing the case for trial and one of the RNU extremely radical groups of St. Petersburg "Schultz-88". On nationalists site Girenko death sentence was issued, but prosecutors did not take action against the authors of the site.

NM Girenko was killed June 19, 2004 in his apartment in St. Petersburg, after testifying in the case of the RNE. In connection with the murder of a number of defendants detained Girenko. One version of events is as follows.

First, Alexei Voevodin and Dmitry Borovikov came to the house 11 on the street late at night Podkovyrova. In a sports bag lying Vojvodina bought with it the old "Mauser" (presumably carbine model MK98 shotgun made in Germany). The door opened Nastya, granddaughter of Nikolai Girenko. Nikolai Mikhailovich himself was not at home. Nastia not remember people came. The next morning Borovikova replaced three members of the gang - Artem Prokhorenko, Pavel Rumyantsev ( "The Apostle") and Alex, nicknamed "Aryan."

Voevodin and "Apostle" remained in the yard, and the rest went into the entrance. Around 9.00 am, the doorbell rang. When Girenko went to the door (in another version, first came to the door of his eldest daughter, who then called his father), with the landing shot (presumably did Artem Prokhorenko). Struck the door was shot in the shoulder (according to other sources was shot in the chest), but because it was off-center of gravity, wound proved fatal. Bullets These are prohibited by international conventions, but are often used by terrorists and intelligence agencies. The gunman fled, leaving weapons. About what happened to the police said the daughter of the scientist, which at that time was also in the apartment. Police came to the scene of the murder after forty minutes.

Version of involvement in the murder of "gang of Vojvodina - Borovikova" was confirmed after the arrest of a certain Eugene Zakalistova, suspect in the murder of a citizen of Uzbekistan in the village Zanevka Vsevolozhsk district.

During the search in the apartment of 24-year-old young man among other things found carbine. The ballistic examination confirmed that it was because he had killed a well-known scientist Nikolai Girenko.

At the time of publication of the article (May 2007) neivestno whether the trial of the suspects took place. The materials in this section have been collected from various sites and may not correspond to the results of the investigation.

After the arrest and detention of Alexei Voevodin and his friends, who are suspected of organizing a criminal gang on the internet forums were Placement "Open letter to Russian opposition and media disinformation on political prisoner Vojvodina Alexei," in which the author denies any involvement in the murder of a scientist .

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