Nikolay Durnovo

Picture of Nikolay Durnovo

Date of Birth: 10/23/1876

Age: 61

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


Born October 23, (4 November) 1876 in Moscow. In 1899 he graduated from Moscow University, the student and F.F.Fortunatova A.A.Shahmatova. Before the revolution, he taught at the Moscow and Kharkov universities. In 1918-1921 Professor at Saratov University, and then he worked in Moscow. In 1924-1928 he lived in Czechoslovakia (Prague, Brno). Back in the USSR, in 1928-1930 he worked in Minsk. Corresponding Member of the USSR Academy of Sciences in 1924 and Academician of the Belarusian Academy of Sciences since 1928. In 1930, he was subjected to persecution, was expelled from the Belarusian Academy and moved from Minsk to Moscow, where he lived doaresta without a permanent job. At the end of 1933 he was arrested on trumped-up charges of "counter-revolutionary activities", in 1934 was sentenced to 10 years and sent to the Solovki camp. In October 1937 he was again convicted and 27 October 1937 was shot not far from Medvezhegorsk (Karelia).

Durnovo research interests lie in the fields of history of Russian and Slavic languages, Russian dialectology, modern Russian, Old Russian literature. He is the author adopted and is now classifying Russian dialects. Active dialectological Durnovos activity developed in pre-revolutionary years in the framework of the Moscow dialectological commission (he was one of the organizers). Together with them D.N.Ushakovym and N.N.Sokolovym map Russian dialects was created (published in 1915 as the experience dialectological map of the Russian language in Europe, with the application Russian dialectology essay); Durnovo researched and specific Russian dialects.

In 1924 under the title A Short History of the Russian language was published he developed a university course of historical grammar of the Russian language. The result of research the history of the Russian language and Russian dialects became published in Czechoslovakia in 1927 book Introduction to the History of the Russian language, reprinted in the USSR in 1969.

Durnovo - author of the first in our country and one of the world`s first dictionary of linguistic terms (Grammar Dictionary, 1924), based on the ideas fortunatovskoy school. Several Durnovos work (the second volume of Introduction to the History of the Russian language, grammar Serbo-Croatian language) is not published, and the manuscript of these works are lost.