Nikolay Dupak

Picture of Nikolay Dupak

Date of Birth: 05/10/1921

Age: 95

Place of birth: Starobeshevo

Citizenship: Russia


In 15 years, Nicholas Dupak already played in Taganrog Theatre boy from Lermontov`s poem "Borodino" (pronounced: "Tell me, uncle ..."). Yuri Zavadsky invited him to drama school in Rostov-on-Don, where he graduated from the three courses. During the war he fought in 6 Guards Corps, he was wounded three times, lost his horse, who saved his life.

The first steps in the post-war stage - in the Theater. Stanislavsky, where he served as actor and director. Then Dupak worked as the director of the Taganka Theater, and - within a year - Theatre on Malaya Bronnaya.

Among the most notable films: "One night" (Sannikov), "Missing" (Miroslav), "The Forty-First" (Chupilko), "End Chirwa-trump" (Daisy), "Guerrilla spark" (Zamurin), "His generation "(Larin)," Boys "(Ivan Lukic)," Iron stream "(Volosatov)," Ambush "(Arkhipov)," Train a distant August "(Zinoviev)," Everyday criminal Investigation "(head of the colony)," Arrows of Robin Hood "(miller)," I guarantee the life "(Oleshko)," Bog "(chairman)," my life - army "(Head of the Political Department)," Yaroslav the Wise "(Putsha)," The Ballad of the Valiant knight Ivanhoe "( abbot), "Mr schoolboy" (soldiers), "The right to love" (Berazhkou).

Honored Artist of Russia (1980).

He studied at the Rostov Theatre School at Zavadsky, graduated from the Opera and Drama Studio in Moscow. In 1944-1963 - an actor and director of Theater. Stanislavsky. He then worked as an actor and director of the Taganka Theater (1963-1977, 1978-1990) and the Theatre on Malaya Bronnaya (1977-1978).

Information Alexei Tremasova and Marina Kravchenko.

Among the films:

INTERVENTION (1968) - Barbara

Bumbarash (1971) TV - Sovkov

DAILY CID (1973) - head of the colony

THE ONLY WAY (1974) - General

ONLY ... (1975)

Bog - Chairman

Ermak (1996)

T eleserialy:

Eternal Call (1973-83) - Filimonov