Nikolay Dryahlov

Picture of Nikolay Dryahlov

Date of Birth: 06/14/1932

Age: 84

Place of birth: a. Coopers Tambov region.

Citizenship: Russia


Dryakhlov Nikolai Ivanovich (06.14.1932, p. Coopers Tambov region.) Philosopher, sociologist. He graduated from the Philosophy Faculty of Moscow State University (1962). Doctor of Philosophy (1967). Doctor of Philosophy (1974).

Professor (1978), Head of the Department of Sociology of Labour (1988-1994), Deputy. Dean for Research (1988-1993) Faculty of Sociology. Professor, Department of Psychology of work and engineering psychology Faculty of Psychology (1996). Honorary Professor of Moscow State University (1996). At Moscow University, he taught courses on historical materialism, methods and techniques of sociological research, sociology of work, the course "Sociology"; courses: "Social problems of organization and management", "Sociology in USA Today", "The social problems of scientific and technological revolution", "Man and Technology", "Actual problems of sociology of work at this stage." "Sociology of entrepreneurship."

RANS Academician (2000). Academician of the Russian Academy of Social Sciences (1994), Peter`s Academy of Arts and Sciences (1995). Member of the Bureau of the Moscow Branch of the Soviet Sociological Association (SSA). Foreign member of the Marshall Center. Fernand Braudel (Fernand Braudel Center) to study the economies, historical systems and civilizations (USA).

He was awarded the medal "Author of scientific discovery" (2001), a commemorative medal WAC USSR