Nikolay Diuvernua

Picture of Nikolay Diuvernua

Date of Birth: 10/27/1836

Age: 69

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


Especially great was the impact on Duvernoy Nikita Ivanovich Krylov, aroused his interest in Roman law. Abroad Duvernoy studied under Vangerova. After defending his master`s thesis "Sources of law and the court in Ancient Russia" (Moscow, 1869) - a brilliant work has shed light on many aspects of the history of our rights and being so far the main work on the subject, - Duvernoy has accepted the invitation to the Demidov Juridical Lyceum and again I went abroad, where he attended Ieringa, Unger and Arndtsa. With Ieringom have Duvernoy established fairly close relations, did not prevent him, however, quite independently treat the scientific direction of the famous novelist. Doctoral thesis Duvernoy "The basic form correal obligations" (Yaroslavl, 1874) issued and brilliance of the presentation, and the ability to design a legal relationship. Duvernoy is not locked into the narrow confines of the doctrine of correal obligations; a large part of his book is devoted to the question of the significance of Roman law. Most teaching on correal obligations is largely to Duvernoy only a means to demonstrate the methods for constructing the institutions bequeathed to us by Roman law. Turning to the Novorossiysk University in Odessa Duvernoy remained until 1881, when he was invited to the chair of civil law in St. Petersburg. Duvernoy was above all a brilliant teacher. All the major scientific activities it has been closely associated with teaching. That is why extensive courses of history and dogma of Roman law, developed over the seven-year teaching of law in the University of Odessa, remained unpublished posleperehoda Duvernoy to the department of civil law. Issued only in part, his lectures on civil law ( "Readings on civil law", Issue I - III, 4th edition, 1902 - 1905 and "Allowance for lectures on civil law" issues I - II, 1899 - 1901) . It would be wrong to regard them as a simple course in civil law: under this modest title, we have a number of monographs on the most complex and contentious issues of civil rights - monographs, made with the construction of skill, which is the principal feature of talent Duvernoy.