Nikolay Bylakin

Picture of Nikolay Bylakin

Date of Birth: 12/17/1952

Age: 63

Citizenship: Russia


Nicholas H. Bulakin born December 17, 1952. He graduated from the Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty of Moscow State University named after MV Lomonosov.

In 1976 Bulakin joined the Moscow Research and Production Association "Energy", which became an engineer design office (according to other sources, this plant Bulakin worked only in 1982-1984). In 1982 he graduated from the graduate school of the Moscow Aviation Technological Institute (MATI) defended his thesis on "Automated systems of information processing and management" and got the degree of candidate of technical sciences.

Subsequently Bulakin was an assistant Department of Higher and Applied Mathematics at the Polytechnic Institute in Brezhnev. In 1984-1990 years he worked as a senior lecturer at first, and then the head of the department of higher mathematics in Abakan branch of the Krasnoyarsk Polytechnic Institute. In 1989 Bulakin became an assistant professor, head of the Department of Computer Science Abakan State Pedagogical Institute (according to other sources, this department also belonged to the Abakan branch of the Krasnoyarsk Polytechnic Institute.

In 1990 he was elected to Bulakin Khakas Regional Council of People`s Deputies, where he became a member of the Presidium. In June 1991, Khakassia was derived from the Krasnodar Territory and became an independent republic within Russia. Then, in February 1992 Bulakin became the first deputy chairman of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Khakassia and held this position until 1995. In 1993 Bulakin ran to the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation with the support of the bloc "Choice of Russia", but lost the election. Since 1994 Bulakin referred to also as head of the local organization of the party "Democratic Choice of Russia", whose leader was Yegor Gaidar.

In spring 1995 Bulakin was the second attempt, was elected head of the Abakan city administration (the first election results were declared invalid due to numerous violations). In April 1999, was re-elected head of Bulakin Abakan for a second term, won a convincing victory in the first round. In the same year he was regarded as one of the most likely contenders for the post of head of the government of Khakassia.

In the early 2000s Bulakin actively stressed their belonging to the democratic forces, so that in Abakan was consistently high rating of right-wing parties. However, according to later claims mayor`s office in 2001, he suspended his membership in the party Union of Right Forces (SPS), which has joined the "Democratic Choice of Russia", - the truth, the representatives of the ATP believed Bulakin member of his party and later up until 2008. In March 2004, Bulakin was re-elected for a third term with the election of the mayor of Abakan 53.2 percent of the vote. In December 2004, the local organization and Bulakin SPS is indicated in those involved in the campaign of a fictitious candidate for the head of Khakassia billionaire Ivan Vagina, opposes Khakass governor Alexei Lebed; the mayor, however, said that had nothing to do Vagina campaign.

In summer 2007, after Bulakin said his success was based on the "work without mistakes and without` United Russia` "he was harshly criticized by the representatives of the party" United Russia ", which, inter alia," deprived of the status of Bulakin Party supporter. " However, in the autumn of the same year, one of the leaders of the party Sergei Shoigu Bulakin persuaded to join its ranks. Application for membership Abakan Mayor was considered by the Presidium of the General Council of "United Russia" without the participation of the Khakass regional branch of the party. In March 2008, Bulakin, supported by the "United Russia" was elected mayor of Abakan for a fourth term, gaining more than 82 percent of the vote. June 10, 2008 Bulakin became a member of the political council of the Abakan branch of the party "United Russia", (some sources indicate that the composition of the political council of Abakan Mayor was introduced in May), and in July, was unanimously elected secretary of department of Abakan. In August 2008, Bulakin headed by the chairman of the public reception of "United Russia" Prime Minister Vladimir Putin (formalnopriemnaya opened in early September 2008). It was noted that the Khakassia was the only region in which the opening of Putin`s public reception has not accepted the participation of the Governor, that the experts explain the relationship between long-standing bad Bulakin and head of Khakassia Swan.

Last Bulakin joined the list of five candidates for the post of governor of Khakassia filed by the President of Russia in the Siberian Federal District Anatoly Kvashnin, head of state Dmitry Medvedev in October 2008, but in December Medvedev recommended for the post of head of Khakassia Viktor Zimin. At the same time it was announced that Bulakin enter the top three Khakass regional party list of "United Russia" in the elections in March 2009. However, after the election Bulakin as the head of the list Zimin refused the deputy mandate.

In 2006, it was reported on awarding Bulakin Order "Honour and advantage" for the development of philanthropy. In February 2008, he was awarded Bulakin established by the International Academy of Social Sciences Prize "For the arrangement of the Russian Land" in the nomination "For the unity of the Russian State" with the award of the Order of "Ivan Kalita". In July 2008, Bulakin was introduced in the Public Commission for perpetuating the names of prominent figures of the XXI century. August 13, 2009 the Government decided to award Khakassia Bulakin the Order "For Services to the Khakassia".

Bulakin is married and has two daughters.