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Citizenship: Russia

Eat Depardieu lot and drink a little

In suburban White Columns - two events ended with the annual festival of the same name film archive, organized by State Film Fund, and built a house for Gerard Depardieu. General Director of State Film Fund and the initiator of the construction Nikolai Borodachev answered questions columnist "Izvestia".

Let`s start with your friend Gerard Depardieu. When did you meet him?

- 8-9 years ago in Paris, at the conclusion of the deal with a French company, which supplies Gosfilmofond equipment. We have a lot in common. We both gave a lifetime movie, the two began to ordinary workers, both have achieved something in life. The characters have a close, and we look like physically. I told him: "You vse-taki Russian. Probably kakoy-to cossack liberated Paris ... "

You communicate in French?

- No, its director Arno Frilli transfers. He has Russian roots. I note that the issue of Russian citizenship Depardieu is absolutely not connected with taxes. He does not turns business in France - as a paid or will pay. We discussed the topic of citizenship three years ago, right here, in my common room.

He asked me: "What is the procedure for obtaining a Russian passport? I have such thoughts. " I said, "a complex procedure, but perhaps you will meet. If you decide, talk to the president. " In September in Baku, he told me that he decided.

Bloggers discovered that the passport was issued with violations.

- It`s evil tongues. The President has the right to issue a passport. When I moved here from Tajikistan, quickly I became a citizen, and my wife, for example, received a very long time. But like us, a lot, and like Depardieu, - units. Why not give him Russian citizenship, if he wants to? Is it bad if a big man - and for contribution to the film industry, both physically and mentally - we will be more?

These rules not only in Russia, I learned about Austrian citizenship, there are people who have made a contribution to the culture, too, provide a passport quickly. I, by the way, in 1989, an American green card. But I do not want to go anywhere. Countries freer spirit than Russia, no. Outside, we sort of enslaved, and inside - open and free people, spiritual. I judge it on its own. And there is the opposite.

Do you think that Russia is freedom enough?

- More than enough. This is evident from the films, and performances, and by the statements. This is not freedom and impunity. Here in France, by the way, constantly arrange provocations against Depardieu. The latter was the scooter - allegedly drunk he fell.

Well, he`s breathing into a tube.

- I`ll explain. Firstly, he is very fond of spicy food - with vinegar and spices. Secondly, his friends met at the airport police, offered a drink. He touched, but did not drink. Later other police checked it and it seemed to have found something. Gerard drink very little - he had heart problems, had bypass surgery. He eats a lot and drink a little. In Saransk I drank all three glasses.

When he arrived in Russia in the next time?

- Going to visit us in March. And its director will come in February, will draw up a registration Gerard. Will register it in Mordovia, but here we do it temporary registration must.

You`re building a house for him?

- Yes. Here in Moscow, in the vicinity of White Pillars, he will live. The land on which stands his site, adjacent to the State Film Fund, live there mostly filmmakers. Gerard paid the money, bought the land. He asked me to oversee the construction. Mandatory his condition - that the house was made of wood. We brought a log, put the guest house. Gerard summer will build a large wooden house.

Where do you see the problem of the film festival "White Pillars"?

- Festival specific. There is no partying, here come the professionals from different countries to work. We are opening a new tape, which nobody has ever seen. Restoring stereofilmy shot in the first half of the twentieth century. Few people know that 3D - a Russian invention, made in 1913.

You Donoso this pleasant information to the foreign film community?

- Yes, we regularly organize retrospectives of Russian films in Nice, Marseilles, Venice. In general, almost all the world festivals are a collection of the State Film Fund. Our collection is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest repository of movies. Come to us, Americans, Germans, Japanese, to find movies that are in these countries have not been preserved. Now we pass the US up 40 American paintings, which are absent in the States themselves.

As these tapes were you?

- Have been bought after the revolution, in the most difficult years. For us to get not only Russian painting, but also all who are shown in the country. A month before the film`s release distributors must send us a copy, and only after the issuance of our reference picture may be shown publicly.

State Film Fund owns the rights to the films stored here?

- Previously, the copyright was Goskinokollektsiya. Now she is eliminated, and all its rights are transferred to us, except for the rights to the tape "Mosfilm". "Soyuzmultfilm" also got the rights, but illegally. I think in the near future we challenged.

What is for you the benefits of owning the rights? You`re a non-profit organization.

- The benefit is not for us, but for the authors. The fact that we will earn a rights plan to pay the creators of the films.

How many bands during the existence of the State Film Fund has been lost?

- Since its inception in 1937, we did not lose a single frame.

Funding from the state you are happy?

- Yes, although it was not always. Previously, everyone thought that there is a warehouse. When we explained that we kept the original sources - as in Lenin Library and the Hermitage - the attitude has changed. In addition, the State Film Fund - is an important ideological center.

How do you feel about the 3D, Dolby Surround technology, and other modern cinema?

- It`s all cheap tricks. Classic stereo Soviet 70-mm film - that it was a real sound! Production of such a film is very expensive. Current technology is worse, but cheaper. For the viewer it does.

Now officials are discussing the protection of the domestic film industry, including by means of fines for "nedopokaz". In your opinion, such measures are effective?

- If the fines will be used for the production of new films, this should give the result. But in practice it may turn out differently. I myself had distributors in the Soviet era, and we are accountable for each viewer. There was a problem to focus on domestic films, so we showed Indian movies and the numbers recorded on the Soviet pattern. I fear the same now over.

Five years ago, state subsidies in the movie was less, and the share of Russian films at the box office - more. So, the direct relationship between money and the result is not.

- I agree. Do not forget that these were the years of accumulation of capital. From the estimated cost of film production remained at 40%.

60% for kickbacks?

- Well, of course. Many of these films have is, none of them remembers. We were all stuffed with a movie that is unnatural for the peoples of the Russian Federation.

What do you have in mind?

- Violence and porn. If you show a beautiful figure - why not, and if any naked bodies - this is unacceptable. Although, for example, "Caligula" Tinto Brass can not be categorized as porn - there lies a profound idea. To solve these issues should be experts.

Do you think the violence and porn it is unnatural to the Russian people? Why, then, the people watching, not looking?

- You know, there are so-called Bilderberg. Members of this secret club create in each country a mess, chaos, murder values ??of the people. Then, in this country it is easier to "catch fish".

That is, in your opinion, the importation of pornographic films in Russia is organized from the outside?

- Of course. The main goal now - to break the Orthodox faith. Freedom has reached such an extent that borders on insanity. Africa is full of poor countries. Why is there not entered the UN troops is not humanitarian aid? But in those countries where there is oil, carefully implanted the so-called democracy. But all the same - the Russian people - this is the greatest nation of the world, he still alien throw.