Nikolay Bogolepov

Picture of Nikolay Bogolepov

Date of Birth: 11/27/1846

Age: 54

Citizenship: Russia


Son quarterly warden. Born in the town of Serpukhov, Moscow Province. Educated in the 1-st Moscow High School and then at the Faculty of Moscow University, graduating in 1868. Service began in 1868 in the Criminal Department of the Senate. In 1869, by the University of Moscow to prepare for a professorship; at the same time taught at the Alexander Military School. In 1873-1876 he lectured on Roman law at the law faculty of Moscow University. In 1876 he defended his master`s thesis, was elected assistant professor and university sent abroad, where he visited a number of research centers. Since 1878 the University read lectures on the history of Roman law. In 1881 he defended his thesis for the degree of Doctor of Civil Law, was appointed full professor. Author of several works on Roman law. In 1883-1887 and 1891-1893 the rector of Moscow State University. In 1895-1898 the trustee of the Moscow school district. Since February 1898 Managing Ministry, and from Dec.. the same year - Minister of Education, a member of the Board of the State.

The main task of the Ministry at Bogolepova was to fight against the revolutionary and liberal-Masonic movement in the school, especially in universities. Bogolepov sought to make university education is almost closed under the control of the authorities, to strengthen inspection and to establish dormitories at universities. The teaching emphasis should be on practical exercises; It was considered more useful device literary and scientific circles under the responsibility of the professors. Some professors and teachers of Moscow and St. Petersburg universities were dismissed "for harmful direction." As one of the measures against the student unrest has been applied mass return of students into the army (in 1900 for participating in student demonstrations given at the Kiev University student soldiers 183). In the area of ??primary education Bogolepov opposed the empowerment of the Holy Synod in the control of the educational process.; he achieved an increase in appropriations for primary education.

Killed by Jewish terrorist.