Nikolay Bogdanovich

Picture of Nikolay Bogdanovich

Date of Birth: 06/12/1870

Age: 35

Place of birth: St. Petersburg

Citizenship: Russia


At the end of the Lyceum (1892) Bogdanovic was enrolled in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, performed the duties of an official for special assignments and Chernihiv Kovno governor, was a land captain in Krasnoufimsk have. Perm Province. Since 1895 for three years served as an assistant Kovno prison inspector. Later, he was Vice-Governor Turgay. In 1904 he was appointed Ufa, and in June 1905 - the vice-governor of Tambov. State Councillor.

In Ufa Bogdanovich worked successfully with the Governor gene. I. Sokolovsky, who also was a man of right-wing; helped him to carry out the pacification of the revolutionary uprising in 1905. After being wounded terrorist Sokolovsky, Bogdanovic from 3 May 1905 temporarily joined the lip control. In connection with the appointment of the Governor of Ufa B.P.Tsehanovetskogo Pole, in which in the lips. blossomed revolutionary sedition, Bogdanovich at his own request was transferred to the Tambov to tamoshnem Governor VF von der Launitz.

In his role as vice-governor of the Tambov Bogdanovic he participated in the suppression of the agrarian revolts in Kozlov; together with Launitz suppressed a revolt in Tambov, a lot contributed to calming the region. During the revolutionary turmoil Bogdanovic visited the villages of Tambov, gathered village assemblies and served prayers for the Tsar. After that reassured farmers on their knees accompanied him, trays vice governor of bread and salt. In addition, in the short term Bogdanovic forced administration of Ryazan-Ural Railway, declared itself the Provisional Government, to renew the movement and return to order. Bogdanovic zealously supported the nascent 1905 Black-Hundred movement. With GN Luzhenovskim he joined the TSRL. During its activity in restoring order SRs was sentenced to death. December 15. 1905 Bogdanovic was fatally shot in the chest with a revolver on the threshold of the governor`s house. December 17th., Communion, sacrament, and dictated a death telegram parents, about ten o`clock in the full consciousness quietly died.

The unusually solemn funeral was Bogdanovich. On the day of the funeral, December 20, Bp. Innocent (Belyaev), gave a fiery word, outlining the shape of the deceased as a knight duty and honor and a true believer of the Orthodox Christian: "... He never changed this oath and duty. And I judged the Lord to be a witness of deep faith of the deceased. With emotion I remember the joy with which he received the Holy Body and Blood of Christ, as the repeated touching his lips growing cold holy words: "Lord, I believe, and I confess that Thou art truly the Christ ...". With what joy sparkled radiantly his eyes on the adoption of the Holy Mysteries. Fade gradually, he seemed to come to life, beamed. " After the tragic death Bogdanovich left a young wife and a young son.