Nikolay Bogaevskiy

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Citizenship: Russia


Nicola & # 769; d & # 769 wends; ktovich God & # 769; vsky (1843-1912) - Russian military engineer campaigns in Central Asia

He was born in 1843. He was educated in the 1 st Cadet Corps; June 13, 1862 promoted to lieutenant sapper battalion on secondment to the Nikolayev Engineering Academy, where in 1864 released in the military engineers. In 1865 he was appointed to Turkestan in the detachment of General Chernyaev, in 1866 participated in the campaign to Romanovsky Jizzakh through Hungry Steppe and in the battle of Irdzharom, where the army of Bukhara Emir Muzaffar was broken, and then - at the siege of the fortified city of Khujand, taken by storm ; for the difference in the campaign in 1867 he was awarded the Order of St. Stanislav 3rd Class with Swords and St.. Vladimir 4-th degree with swords and bow. In 1868 he participated in the expedition to the mountains Nuratyn-tau and employment of these mountains - in a campaign to Samarkand, in a battle on Chapan-Ata heights of the transition p. Zarafshan Samarkand and occupation. When General Kaufman has withdrawn the main forces of the army to Zerabulaku, Bogaevsky remained in the garrison of Samarkand and was one of the eight members of the defense of the citadel of Samarkand residents and rebels forces shahrisyabzskih Beks Jura-beating and beating Baba, was wounded by a bullet in the side; for the difference in military operations against the Bukhara Khanate in 1869 he was awarded the Order of St. Stanislav 2 nd Class with Swords. In 1870, he participated in Abramov`s expedition to the upper reaches of Zarafshan and storming cities Shaar and Kitab in Shahrisyabzskom oasis of reliable management siege works was awarded the golden arms with the inscription "for bravery" and promoted to lieutenant. In 1875-1876, the expedition was in a general Trotsky in the Kokand Khanate, in the battle of mahram and was part of the squad at Namangan Skobeleva lesson; for this campaign was awarded the Order of St. Vladimir 3rd Class with Swords. In 1878, he accompanied General Kaufman on a trip to explore the border with Afghanistan, for the preparation of engineering description of the border received a diamond ring with the monogram of Emperor Alexander II. In 1880 he was transferred from Tashkent to faithful in general Kolpakovsky submission, which was sent to Kul`dzha of the occupation troops, which was up to date in 1882. eastern part of the Ili territory to the Chinese government. March 4, 1881 was promoted to major general in 1882 and was appointed Head of the Odessa Military District Engineers in 1883 was awarded the Order of St. Stanislaus 1-st degree. In 1894, promoted to lieutenant general and appointed nachalnikomkom 34th Infantry Division, and in 1899 - commander of Modlin Fortress. In 1906 he was appointed assistant komanduschego the Odessa Military District, and in 1908 - a member of the Military Council. In early 1909, he received the rank of Engineer-General. The military-technical literature known study VN Bogayevsky about the building materials of Turkestan, printed in the "Journal of Engineering." He died September 12, 1912