Nikolay Berdayev

Picture of Nikolay Berdayev

Date of Birth: 03/18/1874

Age: 74

Place of birth: Kiev

Citizenship: Russia

Berdyaev: Philosophical heritage emigre thinker

Future outstanding thinker was born in Kiev in 1874. His family was aristocratic and rich enough that Nicholas received an excellent education and training, could in childhood and adolescence in anything does not deny.

He first studied at the Kiev Cadet Corps, then at Kiev University named after St. Vladimir. It was transferred from the natural sciences department of the Faculty of Law. Study lasted until 1898, in which Berdyaev was expelled after being arrested for socialist ideas. The mouthpiece of his spiritual evolution was the fight with the theory of populism and a gradual transition to the idea, which can be called religious world view. Since 1901 Berdyaev actively printing works, to explain the importance and essence of religious consciousness in the surrounding society. Only after many years, we can estimate the value of these works. Since 1903, immediately after meeting with Sergei Bulgakov, he takes part in the publication of `Questions zhizni` - notorious magazine.

Nikolai has repeatedly criticized the Bolsheviks that rushed eagerly to power. Berdyaev did not recognize the revolutionary violence as a way of coming to power in Russia, denied the validity of the dictatorship. He believed that the philosophical concepts and historical truth are completely independent from the class ideology. I believe that the existence of objective truth has nothing to do with class consciousness. The path to the discovery of the truth lies in a bundle of attitudes and life experiences. The purpose of deep philosophical quest Berdyaev - the interaction and the possible depth of the relations between man and God. He suggested to reflect on the concept of God as the symbolism of spiritual experience.

Faced with the power of the Soviets, Berdyaev already knew that it either forced to leave or go to jail. He showed courage and won the meeting with Felix Dzerzhinsky, to try to convince him to their cause. Yet Berdyaev was forced to emigrate from the State Council, together with other philosophers and intellectuals, the so-called `philosophical parohode`. But the philosopher is not broken and the new rage began to work on the works of the catholicity of the Russian people, the ideas of ethics and religion. And when in 1923 the Soviet Union lands vengeance rampant repression against priests, he wrote works of Alexander `religious revival Russia`, `Live Tserkov` and others.

Years passed, and in our country started timid attempts to revive and develop the ideas of Berdyaev. The reader can make a lot of strong reflection of his works, a real fount of wisdom and knowledge are the ideas about the nature and methods of relations with the authorities, religious people and their spirituality, understanding of the Russian soul. Permissiveness destroys the life and soul of man. Only a deeply moral life can save the spirit of man from the worldly temptations. The inclination to goodness, creativity and genuine creativity - this is what creates the world in which you want to live.

Beginning of the twentieth century the world dipped into the abyss of war and other disasters, mass change in life orientation. The development of industrialization was also a sphere of interest of Berdyaev. Trying to figure out what will happen to the measured and clear life of people on the European continent, he wrote the work `New Middle Ages. Thinking about the fate of Russia and Evropy`. Berdyaev believed that the Russian people deeper than other laid a lot of controversy. It is a struggle between two worlds, Western and Eastern principles, personality rebellion and shameful slavery. Vast areas of strength and give play to counter any enemy. The closeness to nature gives rise to kindness and compassion. Depression authority generates terrible century of slavery, which is collapsing explosive rebellion and incredible cruelty to former masters. Cruelty gives way to repentance, which often takes the form of asceticism. The desire to influence the whole world creates a cosmopolitan outlook that is as easily replaced by aggressive nationalism.

In 1928 in Paris, Nikolai Berdyaev wrote a work entitled `Diary filosofa`. In it he described how, in his opinion, can change the perception of the world of the soul of the people. Because of the closed borders of Russia and the rest of the world to reach immigrants only incomplete and contradictory information about life in the former homeland. Yet the cry of `Russian dushi` could not be covered by any moral ideas of the Bolsheviks. The `Diary Berdyaev filosofa` shares his revelation that the country can do for distant emigration. He tries to combine the ideas of Christianity and humanism policies in the recipe of healing broken people by the Bolsheviks. It is necessary to return to the people the Christian understanding of life - said Berdyaev. He sees his people in chains of fear and the animal will lose its vital core. Philosopher suffer from being corrupted an entire generation of unnatural values ??of Bolshevism.

For a long time Berdyaev`s works were banned in the Soviet Union. But today everyone can buy one of his books, and get acquainted with the ideas of the great philosopher. He was not able to during his lifetime to return home, but he made it through his creativity decades later.