Nikolay Bblagoveshenskiy

Picture of Nikolay Bblagoveshenskiy

Date of Birth: 04/19/1837

Age: 52

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


The son of a priest. He graduated from the Alexander Nevsky seminary and St. Petersburg Theological Seminary, where he was a junior fellow NG Pomyalovsky. After the death of Pomyalovsky engaged in the preservation of its heritage, I have left of him biographical essay, published in the majority of collected works.

After graduating from the seminary of the Annunciation he was assigned to Archimandrite Porfiry, the well-known archeologist and orientalist, and went with him to Mount Athos and Jerusalem, where he stayed pochtidva years (1858-1859), capturing the traveler experience in the travel notes and drawings. The first printed works of the Annunciation became stories, written in the wake of this journey ( "From the memoirs skilled in Jerusalem", "Thessaly", "November"). After returning to Russia, he collaborates in the journal brothers since 1862 Dostoevsky "Time".

He is famous thanks to the book of essays about the spiritual way of life ( "Athos", 1864; "Among the pilgrims", 1871). Book of essays "Athos" was printed in the magazine "Russian word", managing editor of the Annunciation which began in 1864. In 1866, the magazine was banned, and the Annunciation (with AK Sheller-Mikhailov) edited the "Women`s Gazette", and later - "A week." At this time, it creates the novel "Before the Dawn", which depicts the life of plebeian Democrat.

In 1869, the Annunciation was paralyzed. Some time after that he went on a literary work (sketches of working life in "Notes of the Fatherland"). Passing on the treatment of the Caucasian Mineral Waters, made friends with Count MT Loris-Melikov, on which the invitation was to live in Vladikavkaz. Loris-Melikov gave the post of Secretary of the Annunciation of the Terek Statistics Committee. The last years of his life engaged in the description of the Annunciation of the Terek region, a compilation of statistical data on it. Since 1880, he edited the newspaper "Vedomosti Terek".