Nikolaj Bozhko

Picture of Nikolaj Bozhko

Date of Birth: 02/28/1937

Age: 79

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences (1969), Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences (1988). Professor, Department of Geological Faculty of Dynamic Geology (1989).

Member of the IAS HS (1995). Member of the Scientific Council of the RAH on Precambrian geology. A member of the working group of the project of the International Programme correlation "volcano-sedimentary complexes of the Precambrian of West Africa." Member of the Moscow Society of Naturalists, a member of the presidium of the Moscow Geological Society. A member of specialized councils and geotectonics geology at MSU.

Laureate of the State Prize of the Russian Federation (1995). I MOIP Laureate Award (1987). Awarded "Hagrady twentieth century for achievements" by the International Biographical Centre of Cambridge (1992).

Research interests: problems of theoretical, historical and regional Geotectonics, geological formation. He participated in studies on the Gorny Altai and Khakassia. In 1961 he conducted geological surveys in northern Iraq in Kurdistan. From 1962 to 1966 as a geologist, and then the head of the party conducted geological survey and exploration work in Ghana. During the year (1967-1968) worked in Tanzania as part of a geological expert group. Developed typing tectonic elements of the Late Precambrian to release a special series intrakratonnyh structures and tectonic analysis of their nature; identified and explored areas negeosinklinalnoy tectonic-thermal processing (TTP) of the ancient Precambrian substrate; The peculiarities of the foundation of the rift zones and set predetermination Phanerozoic rift in connection with his appearance on Late mobile location areas; He developed the idea of ??dissymmetry structures of the Earth; the first set of geodynamic phenomenon of inversion in the system of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. The regularities of tectonic evolution of the Earth in the late Precambrian, have developed an evolutionary trend in geotectonics, showing a trend of Precambrian orogeny with the progressive increase in time ensimatic structures and okeanoobrazovaniya; It revealed the special role of Late Riphean stage during which was built a modern structural plan and the transition from a predominantly inland mobile systems to a planetary-type belts Prototetisa and Protopatsifika. Led paleotectonic new evidence for the existence of the supercontinent Gondwana, studied the tectonics of the Precambrian Gondwana, found differences in the tectonic evolution of the eastern and western parts of the supercontinent, and revealed new features of bipolarity of Gondwana and Laurasia. As chief editor and author of cards Late Precambrian participated in the creation of a new "Atlas paleotectonic cards Gondwana" (1987). The first set Upper Precambrian age of the deposits trough Volta (West Africa) and their correlation with adjacent folded structures Atakorid, studied the tectonics of the region against the backdrop of the overall structure of Africa, opened the first oil shows in the Volta Basin. Since 1991, studies of Precambrian geology of Baikal mountain region. Detect the presence of ophiolite and melange in Olkhon area and said the geological structure of the region. Based on the results of field studies suggested a new interpretation of the stratigraphy and tectonics of the northern Baikal region, developed accretionary geodynamic model of the Baikal-Vitim belt, showing an essential part of the Paleozoic orogeny in its formation. In 1995-1996. conducted field research in the Republic of Zimbabwe. Thesis: "The Late Precambrian of West and Equatorial Africa (stratigraphy and tectonics)." Subject doctoral dissertation: "The Late Precambrian Gondwana (tectonic analysis)."

Reads lectures "Geotectonics", "Tectonics of the Precambrian". Over the years, he directs the training of geological practice in Crimea.

He has published over 20 scientific papers.