Nikolai Ivanov

Picture of Nikolai Ivanov

Date of Birth: 01/22/1943

Age: 73

Place of birth: Tikhvin

Citizenship: Russia


Winner of USSR State Prize (for participation in the movie "Eternal Call")

Nikolai Ivanov was born in the town of Tikhvin. In 1963 he graduated from the drama studio at the Leningrad Youth Theatre, where he worked since 1960. With the Leningrad (St. Petersburg) TYuZom them. Bryantsev linked whole life of the actor.

In the movie, Nikolai Ivanov, began acting in the late `60s. Extraordinary popularity and love of the audience the actor brought the role of Ivan Savelyev in the television series "Eternal Call". For this work, Ivanov was awarded the USSR State Prize.

Among other well-known works: Apraksin in the historical drama "Young Russia", Vladimir in the drama "Grasshopper", a corrupt employee of the KGB in the blockbuster "Labeled".