Nikol Hesters

Picture of Nikol Hesters

Date of Birth: 02/14/1937

Age: 79

Citizenship: Germany


Nicole Hesters - Johannes Heesters daughter by his first wife, Flemish actress and opera singer, Louise Ghiys. Childhood Nicole Hesters held in Austria. Her film career began in the first half of the 1950`s. She, like many of her age, be content with small roles in German films. His first major role Nicole Hesters played in 1953 in the film "Me and my wife" (nem. Ich und meine Frau), and in 1954 she played in the movie "Let the song accompanies you" (nem. Dieses Lied bleibt bei dir), the same year she made her debut on stage. It was held in the Vienna National Theatre, in the well-known in Austria and Germany the opera "Gigi" (it. Gigi), where she got the starring role. Then Nicole Hesters played in the Dramatic Theatre in Dusseldorf. Unfortunately, in 1956, Nicole Hesters got in a car crash in South America and has received serious facial injuries, which is why it preshlos interrupt his career for 19 years.

After the accident Nicole Hesters work as an actress, she did not stop and, after leaving the cinema, Nicole Hesters enrolled in drama school, Max Reinhardt Seminary in Vienna. The theater was the fulcrum on which Nicole Hesters moved to television. During its theatrical activities, she has worked with directors such as Peter Stein and Andrea Brett. In all his work in the theater Nicole Hesters performed on the stages of Dusseldorf, Thalia Theater in Hamburg, Bochum Theatre and many others.

Nicole Hesters was the first who played kommissara Buhmyuller in the television series "Crime Scene Investigation" (it. Tatort). She appears on the screen and in our days.

NikolHesters is married to a German artist-designer Pete Fisher and lives in Hamburg. Her daughter, Saskia Fischer - a German actress, and her son, Johannes Fischer - organizer of the event.

For outstanding work in theater Nicole Hesters he was awarded the Golden curtain in Berlin and the Golden Mask Award in Hamburg. In 1973, Nicole Hesters became a member of the Hamburg Academy of Fine Arts. Having played a role in the play "Vita and Virginia" (it. Vita und Virginia) in Hamburg Kammern Theater Nicole Hesters he received Rolf Mares Prize.