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Kondakov, Nikodim Pavlovich - eminent art historian and archaeologist. He was born in 1844. Educated at the historical-philological faculty of Moscow University, where he worked mainly under the leadership of Buslaeva. He was a professor of Novorossiysk, and then St. Petersburg universities, as well as a member of the Archaeological Commission and senior custodian department of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance in the Hermitage. In 1898 he was elected an academician in the department of Russian Language and Literature Academy of Sciences. In 1901 he was appointed manager of the affairs of the committee guardianship of Russian icon painting. From his research trips especially rich results for archeology were: in 1873 journey to Georgia to study the architecture of the Georgian churches in 1875 - 1876 years - in Western Europe for the study of Greek manuscripts of miniatures, in 1881 - on the Sinai for the study of the Sinai monastery of Antiquities and manuscripts of his library in 1884 - to Constantinople, to study its monuments, in 1889 - in the Caucasus, in order to describe sacristies monasteries Samegrelo, Imereti and Georgia, in 1891 - in Syria and Palestine, for the study of Christian antiquities of the Holy Land, in 1898 - on Mount Athos and in the Slavic lands. Erudite literary activity Kondakova covers almost all departments of art history. In the realm of classical art belong to the works: "The monument Harpies from Asia Minor and the symbolism of Greek art" (Odessa, 1873 Master`s thesis), "Greek terrakottovye figurines in their relation to art, religion and way of life" (ib, 1879.) And a number of small articles. History of Byzantine and in connection with Russian art was and is the main subject of research of finding Kondakova. This includes the following works: "Ancient Architecture of Georgia" (Wiley, 1876), "The history of Byzantine art and iconography on the thumbnails Greek manuscripts" (Odessa, 1876 doctoral dissertation, the same essay in French: "Histoire de l`art byzantin consideree principalement dans les miniatures ", II, 1886 -. 1891)," Journey to Sinai antiquities of Sinai monastery "(Odessa, 1882)," The Byzantine church of Constantinople monuments "(ib, 1886),." The inventory of ancient monuments in. some temples and monasteries of Georgia "(SPb., 1890)," Index of department middle ages and the renaissance of the Hermitage "(ib., 1891)," The Byzantine enamel. Collection AV Zvenigorod. History and monuments of Byzantine enamel. " (Ib., 1892, the same simultaneously in French and German), "Russian treasures. Grand Antiques Study period" (ib., 1898), "On the scientific problems of the history of ancient art" (ib., 1899), "The current situation Russian folk icon painting "(ib., 1901)," The monuments of Christian art on Mount Athos "(ib., 1902)," Icons of Sinai and Athos collections Bishop Porfiry "(ib., 1902)," The archaeological journey through Syria and Palestine "( ib., 1904), "Face iconic original. I. The iconography of the Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ" (ib., 1905), "Jerusalem Christian" (ib., 1905), "Images of Russian princely family in the XI century miniatures" (ib., 1906), "Macedonia" (ib., 1909), "The iconography of Our Lady. Links Greek and Russian icon painting with the Italian early Renaissance painting" (ib., 1911), "The iconography of the Virgin" (volume I, St. Petersburg., 1914). Together with Count II Tolstoy Kondakovizdal "Russian Antiquity in the monuments of art" (No. 6, St. Petersburg, 1889 -.. 1899). In all his writings Kondakov is a connoisseur of fine and researcher interpreted the issues and a great master in the stylistic analysis of monuments, leading all of finding its broad historical basis. They were introduced to the academic community, and carefully examined a number of sites previously unknown to all or incorrectly assessed. In the Byzantine and Old Russian art belongs Kondakov particularly prominent in a number of not only modern, but also previous research: the departments of art history can be regarded as established and the first scientifically substantiated Kondakov. As a university lecturer, Kondakov created his own school, and many of his students occupied and now occupy professorial chairs. -. See EK Redin "Nikodim Pavlovich Kondakov" ( "Notes of the Russian Archaeological Society", the IX and separately, St. Petersburg, 1897.); FI Pokrovsky "Nikodim Pavlovich Kondakov" ( "Theological Encyclopedia", edited by NN Glubokovski, Volume XII, St. Petersburg., 1911, which is given a detailed list of works Kondakova).