Niko Bobrishev-pushkin

Picture of Niko Bobrishev-pushkin

Date of Birth: 08/21/1800

Age: 70

Citizenship: Russia


Of the nobility of Moscow Province. Born in Moscow. His father - a landowner Alexinsky County Tula province (with Egnyshevka.) Retired Colonel Sergei Pavlovich Bobrischev-Pushkin; mother - Natalia Ozerov; his father 170 souls, which are incorporated in the Moscow Board of Trustees. He was educated at home under the supervision of Alsatians Oblinger, then at the Moscow university hostel in Moscow school for kolonnovozhatyh, which he entered 01.31.1818, released an ensign - 10.3,1819 in April 1820 from the main apartment 2 army sent on a topographical survey Podolsk province, sent to 2 army headquarters - 08.12.1821, Lieutenant - 04/02/1822, for their efforts in taking awarded the Anna 4 tbsp. - 07/10/1822, for the difference in the service to lieutenant - 27/11/1822. He wrote poems (in the collection. "Calliope" 1816, 1817).

Member of the Union of Welfare (1820 or 1821) and the Southern Society.

The order for the arrest - 30/12/1825, arrested - 08/01/1826 Tulchin, delivered to St. Petersburg to the main guardhouse - 01/16/1826, on the same day sent to the Peter and Paul Fortress ( "send if Pushkin 1st shackled in iron hand and plant and maintain strictly ") in