Nikita Vysheslavtsev

Picture of Nikita Vysheslavtsev


When Vologda gathered people`s militia to release the captured Poles and their allies cities governor Mikhail Skopin-Shumsky, I instructed Vysheslavtseva lead it. Militia came from Vologda in February 1609 and headed south. March 3, it freed the city Romanov, 16 March moved to Yaroslavl. By this time in his ranks were up to 40 thousand soldiers. The rebels had to steamroll, the path to the Yaroslavl militia has done for only 22 dnya.7 April 1609 Nikita Vysheslavtsev became close to the city, near the village of Grigoriev. He was met by the chief of the Polish garrison pan Tyszkiewicz and his party. Vysheslavtsev divided the army: the roads were deep in the brush are arranged, behind which is part of the troops, the skiers took refuge in the woods beside the road, and went forward peredovoypolk open. When he came across a cavalry detachment Tyszkiewicz, the team turned back. The Poles started the pursuit and got caught in an ambush, their situation was aggravated by the fact that the horses sank in deep and wet snow, and forcibly mobilized in Yaroslavl squad joined the militia. As a result of the Battle of Poles and their allies began to retreat and were completely killed, and he fled Tyszkiewicz. The remaining Polish troops left the city of Yaroslavl. The next day there came the militia, which solemnly met in gorode.Priglashenie a creative evening "My favorite poems" Vysheslavtsev Novgorod was then authorized to offer the Russian throne, the Prince Carl Philip of Sweden in 1613, the compiler scribe books Ustiuzhna in 1625.