Nikita Volkonskiy

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Citizenship: Russia


Prince Nikita Fedorovich Volkonsky came from a noble family of the Princes Volkonsky - the descendants of Rurik. His father was the governor, Prince Theodore L. Eaglet Volkonsky (died 1697/1698). His mother, Catherine Ilinichna Miloslavskaya, according to the memoirs of Michael Volkonsky, was the daughter of the boyar Ilya Danilovich Miloslavsky and sister Queen Mary Ilinichny. Thus, Nikita Fedorovich a cousin of kings Fyodor, John and Princess Sophia. The couple had a son, Peter More, "which killed Majori against the rebels of the Don Cossacks in youthful years" The exact date of the birth of Prince Volkonsky unknown. Mikhail Volkonsky wrote that "Prince Nikita Fedorovich after the death of his father was seven years" .Imel rank of steward. In the reign of Peter I was recorded in the Preobrazhensky regiment, and at the behest of the emperor sent abroad for training. However, the journey ended in Mitau in the court of the Duchess of Courland Anna Ivanovna, where he served in the Office of the Russian resident Bestuzhev, who married the daughter. Volkonskie later moved to St. Petersburg. Unlike his ambitious wife, became a State-lady empress Catherine I, Prince Volkonsky to the palace`s career did not try, content rank of captain and engaged in economic affairs. Thus, about 1720 Captain Nikita Fedorovich Volkonsky in the village Mozharovka (Bogoroditskoe) on the site of the new devastated tserkovvo name of Our Lady of Kazan H .M Volkonskiy Selected Works in tre was built in 1717. In 1727, due to the participation in the palace intrigue Agrafena Volkonskaia He was forced to leave the court and to live in the village. In 1728, Agrippina Petrovna was again accused by the Supreme Privy Council in the intrigues and sentenced to exile in monastyr.S the coming to power of Empress Anna, the former Duchess of Courland, Volkonsky was appointed jester at its yard "on the long-standing anger toward his wife Agrafena Petrovna." Anna Ivanovna demanded that Saltykov thoroughly told her all about his habits and habits, with the Empress interested in domestic issues of life of Prince Volkonsky: In a letter to Saltykov Anna Ivanovna reported: "And say to him that he ordered to be [at the court jester] for mercy, and not for the anger. " The responsibilities of the prince was also a member of the Italian Greyhound Day gosudaryni.Tochnaya death of Prince Volkonsky date unknown. According to one version, he died shortly after his death in 1732 his beloved wife, on the other - has been released from the clown service, received the rank of major, he died in 1740 and was buried in the Bohr-Christmas-Pafnutievom monastyre.Knyaz Nikita Fedorovich Volkonsky married Agrafena Petrovna Bestuzheva (died in 1732), the daughter of Peter Mikhailovich Bestuzhev and Evdokia Ivanovna Talyzina (Taltsynoy). In marriage you were born: Did Prince Nikita Volkonsky was married a second time in the course of a jester rite.