Nikita Slepchenkov

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Date of Birth: 08/26/1993

Age: 23

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


Parents: Slepchenkova Maria Nikolaevna, Slepchenkov Sergey.

When Nikita was 4 years old, he was noticed in the theater and invited them to the studio. Gorky. Since then he has worked with great pleasure and gets a huge experience, which he will hopefully come in handy in the future ...

He graduated from the acting class. Very sociable, cheerful, hard-working kid. Filmed in reklamahproduktsii "Danone", "Cake fad", "Maggi", "Porridge Fast", "Sour - House in the village" and OE also took part in the filming of the clip, and Grigory Leps "" Jumble ".

The movie began filming s2002 years. Among the roles in the film Koljan V.Zlatoustovskogo "Flying stork over a cabbage field," Bob in the television series "special purpose friend", Denis in the series "Tourists," Sasha in the series "Airport".

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Nikita Slepchenkov picture
Nikita Slepchenkov photo
Nikita Slepchenkov image
Nikita Slepchenkov pic
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Nikita Slepchenkov picture
Nikita Slepchenkov picture
Nikita Slepchenkov picture