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Date of Birth: 04/30/1979

Age: 37

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


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Childhood. Wishes, plans

Nikita Panfilov grew up in a theatrical environment. His father, Vyacheslav Panfilov - director and artistic director of the Moscow Theatre hunt comedians, author of many works on directing events. Mom - the director of the theater "Monotone". Already at the age of five Nikita debuted on the stage role of Prince Ivan, and in fourteen - the young actor playing Santa Claus. He himself remembers about his childhood: "My parents raised me, though in strictness, but sometimes allowed all sorts of liberties. And spend the day and night at the theater thrill for the child. What is freedom for imagination and games! It`s great to watch the older artists! Words can not be conveyed, it must feel. "

Like any boy Nikita dreamed as a child of different professions. For five years he stubbornly wanted to be a tractor driver, later - an athlete. The fact is that even in elementary school his father sent him to a section grekorimskoy struggle. Dad wanted to Nikita was the champion, the strongest and the best. And it really justified his hopes. By the eighth grade, Nikita became a master of sport and entered the Olympic reserve junior national team. But then the struggle has thrown: weary of the constant training, patrols and competitions.

In high school, Nikita dreamed of surgeon path. In physics, algebra, geometry and drawing, he had three, but on the anatomy alone five. It is better than other students serrated Latin terms, a person versed in the structure and was, as they say, with a skeleton on you. anatomy teacher and told him: "Well, Nikita, you should be in surgery. You and a good head, and hand work ", but with the medicine did not work - my mother insisted on the acting profession ...


After high school, Nikita Panfilov entered the Acting Department in the Institute of Contemporary Art. However, the study up there he could not - drafted into the army. To repay a debt to the Motherland, Nikita again began to storm the theater universities. The young man had applied once the Shchukin and Schepkinskoe Higher Theatre School, VGIK, Moscow Art Theatre School. I passed in Driftwood and Moscow Art Theatre School and eventually chose the latter.

The Studio School Nikita had a chance to learn on the course known mhatovtsa, Honored Artist of Russia Igor Zolotovitsky. As a student Panfilov, he made his debut on the stage of Moscow Art Theatre. Chekhov as Icarus in the play Eugene Grishkovtsa "Siege".

In 2006, Nikita Panfilov graduated from school and was accepted into the troupe of the Moscow Art Theatre. Chekhov. Among his roles: footman Salieri in the play "Amadeus" by Peter Shaffer`s (Mark rezh. Rozovskii), Valere in "Tartuffe" by Moliere (rezh. Nina Chusova), Yakov in Chekhov`s "The Seagull" (rezh. Nikolai Skorik) Nikulin in the play " Do not part with your beloved "(Victor rezh. Ryzhakov), Hans Knight in" Undine "by Jean Giraudoux (rezh. Nikolai Skorik), Alexei Tork in the play" Tutish "(rezh. Marina Brusnikina), Stepan in Gogol`s" Marriage "(rezh. Igor Zolotovitskii) and others.


Nikita Panfilov`s film debut was very successful. As a student, he played Peter Cherkasov in the television series "The adjutants of love". His hero, faithful Guardsman, a patriot of his country, who knows how to read lips and charming women, loved by millions of viewers (in the first place - the female half of the audience). That is, that in his time talking about his character itself Nikita Panfilov: "My character is close to me strangely. I can even identify with him. In my life happened a lot like when I too believed all traitors because of passion went into the army, he served in the Interior Ministry troops. There, by the way, knocked out of me and the love and passion ... In the "adjutants of love" I immediately tried for the lead role, but I believe that there are a lot of interesting characters. Like Napoleon, and Lugin and Tolstoy ... The image of Peter Cherkasov searched long and carefully. I remeasure 12 wigs before approved the one in which I`m doing right now. Wig and makeup greatly change appearance! By the end of the show my character will age for 20 years. In the samples I felt wiser man with a wealth of life experience. It`s funny ... Oh, I just like Peter Cherkasov, there are three other, I`m sure. You see how we are like! "

After graduation, Nikita Panfilov continued to act in films. The audience remembered his characters in the series: "I shall return" (the young poet Counts), "Stepmother" (Moscow-producer of "The Prince"), "Bet to Life" (Moth), "One is love" (biker Vitek), "railwaymen" (Valera "Dolphin"), and others.


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