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Date of Birth: 06/04/1964

Age: 27

Place of birth: St. Petersburg

Citizenship: Russia

Between heaven and earth, between life and death

Shakespeare did not blame

Nikita Mikhailovsky lived, though short, but very rich in a creative sense, life. He grew up a talented boy, already with six years as a model and male model, studied drawing. His first role played in the St. Michael`s eight years in the movie "Night at the 14th parallel," and to the stellar film "You can not dream" still managed to play in two scenes. This is not surprising, in addition to the extraordinary abilities of the boy has got a talented father - famous St. Petersburg director Victor Sergeev, who now holds the post of director of "Lenfilm".

When the director Ilya CNC planned to film the story of Galina Shcherbakova "You can not dream", in the State cinema he categorically stated: "Valentine`s name is Roman and Julia It`s just your Shcherbakova Shakespeare imagines himself this not happen?". Juliet, that is, Julia had to be replaced by Kate: Who knew that the name Kate will fly to the mouth of the dying actor along with his last breath.

But it was later, but back in 1980, critics accused the film of immorality and debauchery complicity, and the audience write letters - letters full of tears and revelations, where belated remorse unfortunate parents kneaded to despair and tenderness and young star-crossed lovers. "This film, I love and hate - confessed author of the story Galina Shcherbakova, -.. But I roads months of memories of the shooting process Tatiana Aksyuta, who starred in the role of Kate, was 23 years old, she had just finished GITIS Nikita Mikhailovsky more in high school But this boy was playing we were crying -.! he was perfect next to him Aksyuta fake, it seemed that the young 16-year-old knows about love more than his married partner it does not akterstvoval, he just lived in the frame!. , passing through all the emotions of his hero, literally reborn in him. " They say, if a long time to peer into the darkness it starts to stare at you, if you long to live someone else`s fate - it may be your own. Truly, only God is given to transform without losing its identity.

And then, unfortunately, that is not the frame, it is a tragedy that is not a word, the death, "Ilya CNC great connoisseur of children`s movies - says Tatiana Aksyuta - he liked to shoot five or six doubles in a row, but enough for Nikita one perhaps he inwardly prepared himself for every scene, I, on the contrary, was played only by the third take, when my partner is already out of steam: As often happens in the movie, the movie filmed inside out, we have not even really know the story, when started shooting a night scene in the "cafe-her glass", where Kate and Romka talk about the war, about the last crust of bread, death: Katia said: "Let`s die together, in one day?" "No, I`m a man, I`m the first." - Romka said, How strange is going on almost the first day of shooting, we almost did not realize what was going on, and Nikita said the words with such confidence nedetskiy For him, this phrase was fatal "...

a hurry to live

After the film`s release, Nikita suddenly collapsed incredible fame, it seemed, life is just beginning and promises a lot of fabulous dividends on so well invested talent and youthful sincerity. Nikita Mikhailovsky easily enters the LGITMIK - teachers from him in delight, and predicting a bright future; sooner marry the girl, now has become a famous fashion designer Anastasia St. Michael becomes a happy father daughter Sonia. He starred in the movie, with the head goes into the underground art. "We met in the 83-year, - says one of Nikita famous director Boris Yukhananov - Nikita studied in St. Petersburg, and I in Moscow Efros, we always make friends new youth an alternative theater of us and it was a whole bunch of talented guys, sudentov,. but what plays we did Generally I nicknamed Nikitka "Great St. Petersburg orphan!" - his mother died early, and his father, they parted as a child, so a large apartment opposite the Lenfilm served as a shelter almost the whole of St. Petersburg an underground folk he had. many friends, loved many women, and he loved the many - he knew how to love, and it is a rare gift of his lacked not only dear to him women, but also to the numerous letters and calls of fans, who did not leave him alone for another five years after. the release of "you can not dream" Nikita was an incredible comedic talent -.. the gift of God to make fun of viciousness by a vice He played Harlequin, which is practically naked moved across the stage in fine menuetnyh pas with a child`s toy in his hands, all the while cursing obscenities . He did it so delicately, forming of obscene words affectionate and gentle roulades. In fact, the film Nikita could not be realized, and he himself said that the main theater for him, and a movie - just a way to earn a living, even though he could exist for a long time, like a super star. But within a movie-tales he was close, and in the theater of almost all his works, emerged the theme of death: a game with death or life after death - in the late `80s, the topic was very popular. It seems to me that Nikita could feel it coming. "

Acting legend

Each set aside their way. Someone without hurrying, be quiet path in life, someone is trying to fly upwards and burns, illumined by love and glory. Nikita belong to the second. Suddenly he excitedly returns to his childhood passion for painting. It is this fascination introduces him to Katya - the last love of his restless soul. "It happened in Pskov - says Catherine, - Nikita starred in some movie and a free hour went to a local exhibition hall to see the pictures there we got to know What he was incredibly witty, spouting and luminous, as we have lived..?. - this is only our business, he knew how to love, and this is important it was all in his work, so versatile person I have never met:. he composed shameful tale, which showed only a friend, did illustrations for children`s books: shortly before the tragedy in London at have with him was a joint art exhibition. " Money raised from the sale of paintings, Nikita and Katya listed on the Russian treatment of children with cancer. Who knew that very soon to Nikita will need treatment. "It`s some bad luck - continues widow St. Michael -. After the exhibition was held just two months, Nikita was distressed that he became very tired, I explained by the fact that a lot of work and, in fact, the last time he took on any job. , filmed even in small, almost episodic roles, shuttled between heaven and earth, or rather, between America and Russia, and even preparing this exhibition. The diagnosis "cancer" sounded to us both as a sentence. in recent years, he often thought of filming "you can not dream," he took his stage name Roman and said: "we`ll be all right, as in Roman and Katya in the film Romka survived, and I`ll survive, you only believe." I had no choice, I believe, and I drew him dying in his eyes: "Let us remind that the book by Galina Shcherbakova still ends tragically - Romka dies. The finale of the film was changed on numerous letters readers. But as they say, from the fate of no escape.

There is a belief acting where two of the deceased on the scene - the third to be awake, and Nikita and tried to pull a "villain Death" for the tip of her shroud. "Almost before his illness we started shooting video project" Crazy Prince "- Nikita played: his own death - continues to tell Boris Yukhananov - Played a fun, easy, in fact, just as he had lived at the same time St. Michael was rehearsing a play." Shagreen skin ", which was supposed to play the old man, again symbolizing the death of play did not come out, but Nikita had a role to play:. in reality."

Do not extinguished the sun

Nikita suddenly fell ill suddenly. For the treatment of leukemia bone marrow transplant was necessary. Money for treatment in London collected nationally, some have given the Public Broadcaster, Boris Yeltsin, Garry Kasparov, and many others. When the funds were not enough, Russian emigrants turned to Margaret Thatcher, and the treatment was continued at the expense of the UK. However, to save the actor did not succeed. April 8, 1991 he was 27 years and 13 days he was gone. Almost before his death, Nikita and Kate were married, he wanted this girl belonged to him according to the law of God, moreover, is already prepared to appear before it. "I drew Nikita to his very last breath. His face was changing before our eyes, it is as if the broadcast is not lived their lives, do not reach the age. He has changed a lot, become stiffer bezobmannee. Was he afraid of death? I do not know. I guess you can not not afraid of death, but he was ready for it. it is ripe for death. "

"When you talk about Nikita, I want to smile -. Noticed Boris Yukhananov - His funeral service in the church were a lot of people, and everyone was amazing sunny state of mind Nikita was a bright shining man, and the light was his love, friendship, him. life, and his death - as if it did not seem strange to the sunny nature was passed, and there was no hopeless longing, and no pain was praised reckless joy from the fact that he is somewhere nearby: "..

Nikita Michael was buried in the cemetery Komarovskoe near St. Petersburg. Soon the sun-drenched hill appeared modest monument - a metal cross with fine embossing, made by Kati project.

Author: Catherine Romanenkova

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