Nigel Bernard Hawthorne

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Date of Birth: 05/04/1929

Age: 72

Place of Birth: Coventry

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Author: Pauline Chelpanova

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Nigel Hawthorne (Nigel Barnard Hawthorne) was born in 1929 in Coventry, England, the son of Agnes and Rosemary Charles Barnard Hawthorne. He spent his childhood in South Africa, where he had a rather difficult - on the one hand on the boy hung strict family upbringing, the other - the constant ridicule and even abuse from his peers. Himself Nigel grew up a child withdrawn and diffident. Only on the stage, he suddenly found himself. So, playing in the same setting in Cape Town, the young man finally believed in what he wants and can become an actor, and, despite his father`s protests, did not leave the idea. After graduating from the College of Christian Brothers in Africa, he went to London with no money, no clear plans for the future. In England, the young actor was not lucky - he did not give roles, and, unable to withstand a year, Hawthorne `` broke and returned to Africa to once again become a model son, and graduated from the University of Cape Town (University of Cape Town). However, the thought of the scene is still haunted.

`The second conquest Anglii` held when Nigel was already over thirty, and this time everything was different - it`s pretty easy to hit the theater. After some time, Hawthorne and made his way to the TV, got on someone`s eyes should be. Soaps `Dad`s Army`,` Play for Today` and `The Desperate People`, as well as several TV films were his first telecommuting, and almost immediately came success. In the late seventies Hawthorne was invited to a major role in the satirical show with a political sounding `Yes, Mr. Minister` (Yes Minister), and this role was a turning point in his, though successful, but vse-taki until `` stellar career. The role of Sir Humphrey Appleby, played by Hawthorne, earned him four awards of the British Academy of Film and Performing Arts (BAFTA), as well as the popularity of spectator and actor`s prestige. Sama, Prime Minister Thatcher invited Hawthorne to tea at his residence, and serials triumph swept across 50 countries in the world.

Since then demand actor Nigel Hawthorne has surpassed even the wildest dreams - for example, in 1982, he had to receive at least eight film and telekartinah, but the most interesting parts are still expecting ahead of the actor.

In 1994, director Nicholas Hytner and producers historical drama `The Madness of King George` (The Madness of King George) did not even tried to find on the main role of the monarch of another actor, especially since Hawthorne had occasion to play the King George on stage. `Korolevskaya` role earned the actor a nomination for `Oscar` award and the award for` `BAFTA` rol` Best Actor, and in 1999, Nigel Hawthorne was awarded a knighthood.

In the late nineties, Sir Nigel Hawthorne played a variety of roles, most of whom were leading. Among his works of that period - a comedy Daisy Background Sherler Meyer `Madlen` drama John Huddles` Pomeste` (At Sachem Farm), David Mamet`s Romance `Prigovor` (The Winslow Boy), political drama George Hickenlooper `irrefutable uliki` (The Big Brass Ring), a comedy by Christopher Miles` The Secret marriage `(The Clandestine marriage), and television roles.

It is known that the actor Hawthorne was a homosexual, but he never advertised their sexual preferences. It became known only in the mid-nineties, after the high-profile revelations and confessions in the British press and on the radio. Even when journalists began to give the actor insulting nicknames ( `Madness Queen Naydzhel`,` Yes, Your Highness, I - gey`), Hawthorne miss them a deaf ear as unworthy of his attention. Later it became known Nigel and relationship with writer and theatrical figure Trevor Bentham.

The last year and a half life of an actor was suffering from cancer. However, the cause of his death, December 26, 2001 was a heart attack. 72-year-old Nigel Hawthorne died in his home in Hertfordshire.

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