Nickolay Volobuev

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Citizenship: Russia


Nikolai Volobuev came to security authorities in 1976. He graduated from the Academy of the FSB of Russia, was held in the counter-intelligence officers all stages - from security officer to the Chief of the Intelligence Department of the FSB counter-intelligence operations. Married with two daughters.

It is supervised by the FSB Volobuev media coverage of the case of Igor Sutyagin - he gave the press details about the company Alternative Futures. Previously, he reports on cases Platon Obukhov, Valentin Moiseyev, and other high-profile espionage processes. In addition, he dokladyvaeto annual rate of catching spies. For example, he said in May 2002 that for 2002god counterintelligence FSB has identified more than 80 staff employees of special services of foreign states operating in Russia. The general said that in 2001, 45 foreign intelligence agents were neutralized, including two Russian citizens.

In addition, the FSB found the agents of Western intelligence services and journalists. According Volobueva, 31 foreign correspondent accredited in the number of Russian somehow engaged in "illegal journalistic activities." 18 of them were denied entry to the territory of Russia for five years, and valid visas were canceled. Head`re coming out then stated that the FSB is concerned about the "new methods of recruitment", applied by western intelligence agencies. As payment for provided information services to Western intelligence agencies offer "foreign currency, different values, the promotion of the device family recruited to work in joint ventures, tuition abroad of children of candidates for recruitment, as well as various awards and grants on behalf of the foreign socio-political foundations ".

In 1995 Volobuev was delegated to the Federal Security Service of the Interdepartmental Commission for International Partnerships in Education. In November 1999, while still a deputy chief`re coming out, he entered Volobuev vsostav organizing committee on preparation and holding of the World Hockey Championship Hockey 2000 - along with then-Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

In June 2002, he was appointed first deputy head of the Counterintelligence Department. Included in the Interagency Commission to regulate the entry and stay in the territory of the Russian Federation, Commission on migration policy, the Interdepartmental Commission on the use of federal property in the field of tourism and hotel industry.

June 4, 2004 Mikhail Fradkov appointed Volobueva deputy chairman of the State Customs Committee of Russia.