Nichola Goddard

Picture of Nichola Goddard

Date of Birth: 05/02/1980

Age: 26

Place of birth: Madang

Citizenship: Canada

A female soldier killed in Afghanistan

Goddard was born in a family of school teachers in Madang, Papua New Guinea (Madang, Papua New Guinea); a large part of his childhood girl moved quite actively. Fascinated by Nicolas skiing, jogging and biatolonom. When she was a cadet at the Royal Military College (Royal Military College) Goddard, along with the bride (and later husband) Bimom Jason (Jason Beam) led the local scout troop. Lived Jason and Nicolas in Kingston, Ontario (Kingston, Ontario).

In Afghanistan Goddard arrived in January 2006; She served in the Canadian Princess Patricia`s Light Infantry (Princess Patricia`s Canadian Light Infantry). At the time of the death of Nicolas took the position of an officer`s forward observer.

Goddard died May 17, 2006 th, during a firefight in the Panjwai District (Panjwaye District). Nicolas was a part of the joint Afghan-Canadian group, engaged in the defense around Kandahar (Kandahar) - rumored to be going to attack the city by representatives of the Taliban (Taliban). The detachment moved to a nearby mosque - there should have been placed 15 trapped unknown (suspected Taliban). Absolutely all of a sudden on the soldiers began to fire from nearby buildings; there were a few dozen attackers. Goddard, as the commander of the detachment, was in the armored car, lined by two rocket-propelled grenades at the very beginning of the battle. The battle lasted most of the day and the night; finished his only appearance of the American bomber - navedshego near order of a 225-pound bomb. In the battle killed Goddard, a soldier of the national army of Afghanistan (Afghan National Army) and 40 Taliban; 20 more talibovbyli captivated - some time even claimed that he was among them, Mullah Dadullah (Mullah Dadullah).

The first death of Nicolas officially mentioned by Prime Minister Stephen Harper (Stephen Harper); In his speech in the Parliament (Parliament), he admitted he was not sure that it really is a question of the first killed in combat Canadian soldiers - and is not going to call her name, is sad news not to get killed her husband. According to General Richard Hilleru (Richard Hillier), former Chief of Defence Staff, assistants of the Prime Minister ordered to smuggle Goddard`s body to Canada secretly; it is assumed that the authorities were afraid that the usual in such cases, the coffin with the flag can attract unwanted public interest.

Jason Beam widower became the first ever gets Memorial Cross (Memorial Cross), usually awarded to widows and mothers of dead Canadian soldiers. Goddard itself was posthumously awarded the medal `For perfect sluzhbu` (Meritorious Service Medal).

After the death of Nicolas principles Memorial Cross ceremony were redefined; since every soldier of the Canadian army must choose up to three people who will be awarded the Cross.

November 9, 2009 th Goddard got another posthumous award - the Medal of Sacrifice (Sacrifice Medal). These medals are awarded to members of the Canadian army and its allies, injured or killed as a result of hostile forces or simply members of the Canadian Army, who died while on duty.

The funeral service was held May 26, 2006 th; Goddard`s body was interred at the National Military Cemetery in Ottawa (Ottawa`s National Military Cemetery).