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Age: 29

Place of birth: Leeds

Citizenship: United Kingdom


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Nicholas Anne Burley was born in 1986 in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England (Leeds, West Yorkshire, England). She attended the local school Intake High School in Bramley (Bramley), the area to the west of Leeds, involved in the Northern School of Contemporary Dance (Northern School of Contemporary Dance), and for five years was a student Uoltonovskoy School of Theatre Dance (Walton School of Theatre Dance) .

Burley`s acting career began in 2005 when she played Michelle (Michelle) in the drama Dominic Savage (Dominic Savage) `Love + Hate` (Love + Hate) and flashed on the television series `The Ghost Squad`. In February next godayunoy actress was offered a small role in the long-running comedy Shameless project `` (Shameless) on TV Channel 4, and then in the fall, she appeared in the drama `` Gilt, where she got a much more significant role. Alas, the second season of the series was never released due to a lack of high ratings.

In November 2006, Nicola has received numerous accolades for her role as Zoe (Zoe) social television drama `` born equal, leading roles in which performed Colin Firth (Colin Firth) and Emilia Fox (Emilia Fox). The film explored the topic of social inequality in modern Britain (Great Britain), and drew attention to critics, not least thanks to the excellent cast of - it also played by Robert Carlyle (Robert Carlyle) and Anne-Marie Duff (Anne-Marie Duff). To prepare for the role of Nicola in London (London) met with their peers, for various reasons, escape from the parental home. She also starred as Cathy McAleer (Cathy McAleer) in the series `Suicidal krasotki` channel BBC Three, which came out in 2006 and 2007.

In 2010, Burley played Carly (Carly), the central character in the dance film `StreetDance 3D`, also starring street dancer George Sampson (George Sampson) and street dance group `` The Diversity and Flawless ``.

In the film adaptation of `ThunderClan perevala` (Wuthering Heights) 2011 Nicola played Isabella Linton (Isabella Linton). In April 2011, the series began airing `Candy Cabs` BBC with Burley, and, in addition, she appeared in one of the episodes of the crime drama` Lyuis` (Lewis) on ITV 1.

On the theatrical stage Nicola has played a major role in the play `Bollywood Jane` Theatre West Yorkshire (West Yorkshire Playhouse) in Leeds and Constance (Constanza) in Sheffield Restored staged Amadeus `` (Amadeus) Peter Shaffer (Peter Schaffer).

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