Newt Gingrich

Picture of Newt Gingrich

Date of Birth: 06/17/1943

Age: 73

Birthplace: Harrisburg

Citizenship: United States


Newton Leroy McPherson (Newton Leroy McPherson) was born June 17, 1943 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania). His father was then 19 years old, and his mother - 16, they were married in September 1942. Kathleen Dougherty (Kathleen Daugherty) had the most to raise sy on until she got married for the second time, for Robert Gingrich (Robert Gingrich), who adopted her son. In 1966, they had a younger daughter Candice (Candace Gingrich). As often happens in military families, they constantly moved from place to place, and Newt studied in various schools at different military bases. In 1961 he graduated from high school in Columbus, Georgia (Columbus, Georgia), and enrolled in the Emory University (Emory University) in Atlanta (Atlanta). In 1965, Newt graduated from university with a bachelor`s degree, in 1968 received a master`s degree, and after 3 years he became a doctor of philosophy in specialty `Modern European istoriya`. From 1970 to 1978, Gingrich taught history at the University of West Georgia (University of West Georgia) and briefly returned to teaching in 1993, lecturing on the updated exchange rate of the American civilization in Kennesaw State University.

In 1974 and 1976, Gingrich made two unsuccessful attempts to get to the Congress (Congress) of the 6th congressional district of Georgia, but lost both times to the current congressional Democrats Flint Jack (Jack Flynt). In 1978, Flynt decided not to run for re-election and the Gingrich took advantage of this chance to defeat his rival Senator Shepard Virginia (Virginia Shapard). Newt Gingrich was so popular among their voters, which was re-elected 10 times, and only once almost lost to Democrat David Worley (David Worley) - Gingrich`s advantage was only 978 votes.

Thus, Newt Gingrich was a member of the US House of Representatives (US House of Representatives) 20 years - from 3 January 1979 to 3 January 1999. The last 4 years he served as the 58th Speaker of the House of Representatives. In 1995, the magazine named `Time` Gingrich` Man goda` for the role he played in the so-called `Republican revolyutsii` when Republicans ended the 40-year-old Democratic majority in the House of Representatives. While Gingrich was Speaker, he represented the public face of Republican opposition to President Bill Clinton (President Bill Clinton).

University professor, historian and author, Gingrich took part in the creation of `Contract with Amerikoy` (Contract with America), the document submitted by the general public at the 1994 general election. The document is a list of reforms and bills that Republicans have promised to carry out, if win numerical superiority over the Democrats. Shortly after the 1998 elections, when the Republicans lost five seats in the House, Gingrich has announced his retirement from the post of the Speaker and Kongressavoobsche.

Following the resignation of Gingrich has made a career of political analyst and consultant. He continues to write works related to politics and government, but does not avoid the attention of other topics, such as historical fiction. He - a constant critic of the Obama administration actions (Barack Obama).

Gingrich has been married three times. He first married in 19 years in Batley Jackie (Jackie Battley), his teacher of geometry (the bride was 26). They had two daughters, but in 1980 they broke up because Newt loved another woman, Marianne Ginther (Marianne Ginther), where he married in 6 months after the divorce. In the mid-90s at Gingrich began an affair with Callista Biseken (Callista Bisek), who was his junior by 23 years old. In 2000, after the divorce was finalized with his second wife, Callista Gingrich married. Through third wife, Newt Gingrich converted to Catholicism while still at school thought of himself as a Baptist.