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Year of birth : 1985

Age: 30 years

Place of Birth : Nashville, United States

Citizenship : United States


`Newsboys` - Christian pop-rock band, nominated for music award ` Gremmi` (Grammy Award).Since its inception in 1985 in Australia (Australia) team has released 14 studio albums and has become one of the most popular Christian music groups over the past two decades. However, today in the group, not a single member from the original line-up. Participants `Newsboys` - Jody Davis (Jody Davis),Duncan Phillips (Duncan Phillips), Jeff Frankenstein (Jeff Frankenstein) and Michael Tate (Michael Tait).

Members of the original composition of the group, bassist Sean Taylor (Sean Taylor), vocalist John James (John James) and drummer Peter Ferler (Peter Furler), gathered his team in the town of Mooloolaba, Queensland (Mooloolaba, Queensland), 15 years ago. Later they were joined by guitarist George Perdikis (George Perdikis), school friend Ferlera. At first, the band`s name sounded like `The News`, but when the band moved to the United States (United States), they changed the name to ` The Newsboys`, to avoid conflict with the American group `Huey Lewis and the News`.Australians arrived in the US in late 1987, after signing a contract with `Refuge Communications`, and in 1988 released their debut album ` Read All About It`.

Then, having signed a contract with `Star Song Communications`, the band recorded two albums in 1990-1991,` Hell Is For Wimps` and `Boys Will Be Boyz`.None of these three albums did not attract much attention, and participants changed with each release. Finally, the output of the 1992 album `Not Ashamed` somewhat changed the situation. Steve Taylor (Steve Taylor), composer, performer and producer, began a collaboration with the band recording their prodyusiruya writing most of the lyrics for the songs `Newsboys`.Most of the music for the band the songs are still wrote Peter Ferler, as part of the duties of lead vocalist took on John James, and so it went, until James has not left the band.

In 1994, a group composed of all also continued to change (for example, came guitarist Jody Davis, keyboardist Duncan Phillips) , released their fifth album ,`Going Public`, which became their first success. `Going Public` brought its creators ` Dove Award` award for ` Best Rock Album goda` (` Dove Award` awarded only to musicians working in the field of Christian music) and the song `Shine` in 2006 hit the top ten in the rankings ` 100 Greatest Songs in Christian muzyke` magazine`s ` CCM Magazine`.

In 1996, they released their next album had very successful `Take Me To Your Leader`, and the structure was expanded to six people - a group came bassist Phil Joel (Phil Joel) and Jeff Frankenstein. In late 1997, John James announced that he was leaving the band, Peter Ferler switched to vocals and Duncan Phillips, who played keyboards and percussion, moved to the drum kit. From 1998 to 2003, the group has not changed and sostoyaliz Ferlera, Joel Davis, Frankenstein, and Phillips, but at the end of 2003 left the band Davis ,and his place was taken first by Brian Olson (Bryan Oleson), in 2006 - Paul Coleman (Paul Colman). In 2009, the band has a new singer, Michael Tait.

The last studio album `Newsboys` called ` Born Again` appeared in stores July 13, 2010, and 45 million copies were sold in its first week

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