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Year of birth : 1971

Age: 44 year

Place of birth : New

New York, USA

Citizenship: United StatesBiography

"New York dolls" laid the foundations of punk rock long before the appearance of the term. Borrowing from the "dirty" rock `n` roll at the "Rolling stones", glam elements of David Bowie and "T. Rex" and anarchic "noise" from "the Stooges", this US team has created a new form of hard rock, punk and bordered by metal.Their concerts have influenced a lot of bands that emerged in England and America in the second half of the 70s. And though "New York dolls" quickly came to the self-destruction of their two albums still occupy a worthy place in the history of rock.

Before you organize the project in 1971, all the musicians playing in various New York bands.In the first part of "Dolls" includes Johnny Thunders (b. July 15, 1954, guitar), Rick Rivets (guitar), Arthur Kane (bass), Billy Mercier (drums) and David Johansen (b. January 9, 1950 vocals). At the beginning of 1972 he was replaced by Sylvain Rivetsa Forces, and the group began to actively advocate in the Manhattan area,mainly in the "Mercer Arts Center". New York dollsZa several months "New York dolls" have acquired cult status, but the labels are in no hurry to sign it, fearing a non-standard image of musicians. The fact that the group on the stage appeared in extravagant costumes, and face "dolls" covered an impressive layer of makeup. In late 1972 ,the team for the first time went on tour in England. The tour ended with a sad death of Mercia, who died from an overdose of drugs and alcohol. Drummer Jerry Nolan took from the "Queen Elizabeth". By the time the group finally received a contract from the "Mercury Records".With producer Todd Rundgren "New York dolls" went into the studio and started to record their eponymous debut album. The release, which was released in the summer of 1973 received positive reviews in the press, but the general public has shown little interest for him. The disc took only 116 th place in the US charts.In order to amend provisions of the band went on tour in the States, but Kane could not play then, as a jealous girlfriend almost chop off his finger. Then he had to replace a road manager Peter Jordan.

New York dollsNa second full length record, "Too much too soon", was invited to an expert on working with women`s groups George Morton.Sound album relatively simpler, but it nepaslo it from business failure - as much as 167 plate took place. Unhappy with sales drives "Mercury Records" tore up the contract, and other labels do not show any interest in the "New York dolls". In an effort to break the cycle of failure group was invited as a manager Malcolm McLaren,who made himself a name later on "Sex pistols". This type of musicians dressed in red leather and forced them to act against the background of the flag of the USSR, more than scared record companies. As a result, the doll began to disperse, and the first series of "New York dolls" Thunders and Nolan left.Frenzied Johansen and Sylvain drove McLaren and assembled a new composition, speaking in small New York clubs. From 1976 to 1977, except in the collective power and David were Peter Jordan (bass), Tony Meshin (drums) and Bobby Blane (keyboards). This configuration does not leave behind any records. With the departure at the beginning of 1977, Johansen`s "New York dolls" ceased to exist.

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