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They were on the Vans Warped Tour. They played with MxPx,Good Charlotte, Less Than Jake, and other pop-punk bands, and all the audience was extremely benevolent. They drove a minivan to be too many kilometers. And despite a contract with a major label MCA, New Found Glory are a punk band more than a few truepunxnotdead group. Over the past few years, life members New Found Glory proceeded in parallel with the life of their fans. They grew up together, fell in love and parted, leaving school and native home, to experience the real world. And although the group has achieved notable success and received almost world-famous ,NFG all are also readily available for contact with any of his fan.

In the not very distant 1997 Ian Grushka knocked his Druganov to create a rock band. Ian picked up the bass guitar, vocalist / guitarist was a Bernie, and drums played Billy. Later, the singer became Jordan Pundik, and a little while later Ian and Jordan stayed in a group together. Duets ,of course, also have the right to music-making. But, having estimated that together they are far from leave, the guys decided to find a couple more three musicians. In an advertisement in the local newspaper Florida "From Hands To Hands" responded to some suspicious persons, namely : Stephen Klein, who played in the last group of Jordan on guitar, Chad Gilbert,tormented to this string in the well-known in the narrow circle of hardcore band Shai Hulud, and Cyrus Bolooki - a big fan of Christina Aguilera and drumming.

After a short rehearsal the newly formed group went to Ridenour Studios, which recorded not a single, not the album, but simply put EP "It`s All About The Girls".The album was released in December `98 and has caused quite a strong response (at the local level, of course) . Group gave a small stick in the form Slammie - Award as the best new band in South Florida. At the time, the same honor had Marilyn Manson.

the first full-length album "Nothing Gold Can Stay" was released in April `99. Initially, the plate came out on Eulogy Records. However, it turned out to be so interesting and popular that many labels started to make unambiguous suggestions NFG. On one of these guys to say "yes. " In October of the same year, the album was re-released with new artwork and a new copyright copyright and other garbage - Drive-Thru Records.The band went on a concert tour with peers Saves The Day and Piebald. The show took place with great success and sold out. One day, when for security reasons, the police banned the club to let more than 300 people, NFG played 2 concerts in a row, so that everyone who bought tickets, and could see them. In 2000, the guys released a record on which sung well-known hits from the films, such as I Don`t Want To Miss A Thing of the / f Armageddon (with the letter " x " here is not art) , or the most rehash song of not less than x / the movie Titanic, My Heart Will Go On. In the same year Drive-Thru and MCA Records have joined forces and released the album "New Found Glory". In terms of the so- called album. The so-called self-titled. The album was recorded with producer Neal Avron (before the band produced the album itself) . The album brought the two hit singles : "Dressed To Kill" and "Hit Or Miss", both became hits on the radio and MTV.The first five thousand copies of the album complemented by a bonus disc with additional song "So Many Ways". The Group continued to travel with concerts in support of the album, once again appeared on the scene Warped Tour - already as one of the headliners.

the long-awaited new album NFG "Sticks And Stones" was released June 11, 2002. It seems to be the same musicians,the same label, and even the producer is not changed. What is the new album different from the previous one ? Well, at least the texts that clearly become more adult. " On our last record all the songs are about girls. Of the girls we do best to write songs. " Says guitarist Steve Klein. " But on this album, we tried to go in some other direction. There is a song, such as the grandfather of Jordan, who left this world, a song about how we left our hometown, and of all that. But in general, we tried to album keep the same mood as the melody. " "Sticks And Stones" proved to be more diverse in sound.For the recording of the album musicians friends were invited, among whom were musicians from the group H2O, Alkaline Trio and Blink- 182.

Where is the next stop of the group, only the driver knows their minivan. But wherever they stopped, wherever performed, the audience will accept them as their own, because they are really my boys.

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