Nestor Kotliarevskij

Picture of Nestor Kotliarevskij

Date of Birth: 02/02/1863

Age: 62

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


He studied at the Collegium Pavel Galagan (Kiev) and Moscow University (student years Kotlyarevsky see. His memories of the Transfiguration in VP `Vintage Portraits "). He received a master`s degree of general literature for his thesis: "The world tribulation." He taught at the Imperial Alexander Lyceum, at the higher women (Bestuzhev) courses, historical and philological courses Raeva, in the military-legal academy. In 1906 he was elected an honorary member of the category of belles-lettres, and in 1909 - an ordinary academician in the department of Russian language and literature of the Imperial Academy of Sciences. Comprising the Chief of Russian drama repertoire of the Imperial Theatres, a member of the editorial board of "Bulletin of Europe", takes part in the affairs of the Literary Fund. The brochure ". Essays on modern Russian literature I. Poetry anger and sorrow" (Moscow, 1890) described the work of SJ Kotlyarevsky Nadson. In 1891 he published a book Kotlyarevsky: "Mikhail Lermontov Personality of the poet and his works." (St. Petersburg, 1891); based on the accumulated by the time the biographical material, the author gives a general description of the poet`s personality and presents the development of his poetry (the fourth, revised edition published in 1912). In his next book, "World grief in the late XVIII and early XIX century" (St. Petersburg, 1914) Kotlyarevsky, without going into a detailed survey, gives a general, broad characterization of "sentimental sermon", "storm and stress in my dreams" "Weltschmerz, as the output from the experienced," "demonic natures" and the motives of "reconciliation", because all of this is reflected in Western literature on the verge of two centuries. The jubilee Belinsky 1898. Kotlyarevsky edited "Selected Works VG Belinsky" in the edition of ON Popova (2nd edition, 1907); besides extensive introductory article on Belinsky, edition featuring synopses, reviews and pointers, slide and inscribed, thanks to him, it is very convenient for reference and school items. Work Kotlyarevsky about Gogol, first printed in the magazine "The peace of God," then went separate edition (St. Petersburg, 1903, 4th revised edition, Petrograd, 1915). The aim of the author was "to recover as fully as possible the history of the mysterious soul of the artist and to explore in greater detail the link that unites the work of Gogol`s creativity with previous and contemporary writers." Gogol assessed in connection with the general course of Russian literature and criticism, which is the main value of the book Kotlyarevsky. He appeared in various journals of the present century Kotlyarevsky articles about other writers gathered in his book: "Vintage Portraits" (St. Petersburg, 1907); Here are the characteristics of Baratynsky, Venevitinov, Prince VF Odoevskogo Belinsky, Turgenev, Count AK Tolstoy; in the annex - memories of VP Transfiguration mentioned above. In 1907 he published a written partly unpublished materials of the State archive book Kotlyarevsky "Decembrists Prince AI Odoyevski and AA Bestuzhev-Marly," in 1908 - is closely svyazannayas previous book about KF Ryleyev. Moreover, the circle of literary phenomena refers Kotlyarevsky book about "literary movement of the Alexander era" (St. Petersburg, 1907, 2 nd edition, St. Petersburg, 1913). Not reprinted article remained on the literary activity VK Kuchelbecker ( "Russian Wealth", 1901, number 3 and 4) immediately adjacent to the works of the Decembrists. In the edition of the works of Pushkin, edited by SA Vengerov, Kotlyarevsky belong film "The Robber Brothers" and "The Stone Guest". All of the works on Russian literature, in their totality, constitute a comprehensive overview of the lyric, the epic, drama and criticism of the Alexander and Nicholas time. From 1910 to 1914 in the "Journal of Europe" published extensive work Kotlyarevsky: "Sketches from the history of public sentiments in Russia in the sixties of the last century", encompassing characteristic Chernyshevsky, Dobrolyubov and other writers of the time, in connection with the fiction and the public .