Nelson Peltz

Picture of Nelson Peltz

Date of Birth: 1943

Age: 72

Place of birth: Brooklyn

Citizenship: United States


The famous American industrialist, a successful entrepreneur, a billionaire, the head of a large company. His net worth is estimated at approximately $ 1.4 billion (according to the world-renowned business magazine Forbes, who called Nelson one of the richest and spawn ktabelnyh people in the world). Currently, the billionaire living in New York (by the way, he - the father of many children, he had ten children). In addition, Nelson is the owner of several houses - in Paris, as well as - in Florida and in several other places.

Nelson Peltz was born in Brooklyn. At the time, he studied at the University of Pennsylvania, and really wanted to get a degree kogda-nibud, but university has not graduated. Then, instead of studying the future billionaire has chosen to work in restaurants in New York - for the benefit of his own family.

In the 2007th year, Nelson Peltz was the president of a large company Triarc Companies (before it for a long time and served as a board member of the organization, and the chairman of the board, as well - have been in many other guises).

In the 2007th year, Nelson bought three percent stake in Cadbury-Schweppes and in the same year - became the owner of Kraft Foods, the company that has been manufacturing products made of paper. Billionaire laid out for action the organization nearly two billion dollars.

The company is currently Triarc Companies, Inc is the owner of a plurality of units, including the main branch is considered Arby `s Restaurant Group, Inc. (ARG). No wonder the company restaurants are known almost all over the world, at any rate - the greater part.

First created by billionaire was the company Triangle Industries. Originally it was a small organization, but after numerous restructurings, mergers and others - prevratilasv large, popular association that brings significant revenue to the Organization.

Nelson Peltz has invested in the creation he created kogda-to lot of effort and money, so when in 1988, sold the company, then, without hesitation, took her more than four billion dollars.

After - billionaire has acquired a certain amount of time companies

(Eg, such as Snapple), and after some time to sell them - for a much higher price.

Currently headed by Pelz Triarc Companies (acts as a director), is extremely pleased with themselves and their own financial situation.