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Date of Birth: 05/13/1986

Age: 30

Place of birth: Novokuibyshevsk

Citizenship: Russia

ambitious Samara Beauty

Burning brunette and beauty of Samara for the first time declared itself the entire country is on channel TNT. June 5, 2009, when 1852 came the first day of existence of the show `House-2 `, Nelly Ermolaeva crossed the threshold of the controversial TV project. The girl came to Rustam Solntsev, however, despite Nelly confidence that he will be with her, the guys a couple and have not formed. The first relationship in the framework of beauty tried to build with Leo Ankovym. But they turned out to be a turbulent and rapidly passing passion, so the couple broke up soon, and Nelly has become free for new romantic adventures. On the day of arrival to the show participant stated that manifests aversion to Vlad Kadono and called him `` the gray and intriganom` krysoy`. But, to everyone`s surprise, after parting with Ankovym Nelly and Vlad created a couple, and even moved to the city apartments. In relations with the black magician girl spent a short time as the constant squabbles and conflicts led to their breakup.

fate would have it soon so that the chosen fatal brunette was another member of the project - a handsome Nikita Kuznetsov. Their relations have undergone many tests: passionate and all-consuming passion, jealousy flares, romance and charm of banal domestic quarrel. Nelly and Nikita through a lot together. And, despite the regular conflicts, these relations for the participants were the most prolonged during his stay on the show, compared with a previous history of love. In the end, the guys were married.

Offer hands and hearts Nelly received from Nikita during the contest `Man goda`. This was a real surprise for her. In February 2011, in the romantic Italian city of Verona got married lovers. Nelly herself compares her wedding with a fairy tale and says that this is represented by an event in the children`s girls` dreams. After the wedding, the newlyweds were on the project, but after some time had left him. The anniversary of his wedding Nelly and Nikita pointed trip to Sri Lanka. Travel in this truly paradise lovers decided to make savages. On a motorcycle guys drove around the entire island. Tanned and happy, the couple returned to Russia.

More on the project Nelly Ermolaeva demonstrated the creative facets of his personality. She sang a duet with Natalia Varvina, performed solo. After the show, she did not immediately start singing career. On the contrary, it is very serious attention to this issue - Nelly writes songs and is planning to release an album. With great creative spirit singer is working on a track and rehearsing. Nelly also arranges tours. Singer Shami offered the girl to work on a joint track. Nelly herself with great enthusiasm took hold of the embodiment of this ideiv reality. The result was a beautiful love song. And, despite the fact that Shami - the singer-rapper, their joint track - it`s romantic, melodic and gentle composition. Nellie is very happy with the cooperation with Shami. While working on this project, brunette, being in a state of inspiration, at the same time managed to record another track. Many songs Nelly can be heard on the radio. By the way, her song `Pyl` dedicated to their relationship with Nikita, which clearly shows the clip of the song.

Six months after parting with the project, the couple Nelly and Nikita broke - the couple divorced. She left with his head in work and building a career. She not only writes songs, is a variety of activities, but continues to work patterns, working with many popular photographers. Ambitious beauty attends acting classes and wants to star in a movie. By the way, it has already received an offer to star in the film as a cameo.

Former member of the project `House 2` involved in charity work, helping sick children. Nelly first charity concert organized for nine years Masha. She invited the parents of the girl to help. The proceeds from the concert became a tangible help in the treatment of the sick child.

What else does Nelly Ermolaeva today? It develops its business - its beauty is very popular. In addition, she successfully building a career presenter working in the program `Two to privetom` channel Ru.tv. Nelly madly loves to sing. She often meets with friends at karaoke and spends a lot of time. And the singer and presenter loves walking along the waterfront and streets of the city, thinking about the life and far-reaching plans.

Now life Nelli reappeared loved one. Her chosen name Kirill Andreev. Interesting work, personal life, business, shooting - that`s life today fatal brunette, busy, creative and active. `Move forward, to dare and achieve their goals` - credo Nelly Ermolaeva.

The fatal brunette did not regret about the participation in the show `House 2`. She credits the project and believes that much gained in its walls. Friends, fans, fame, relationship building experience. With many participants of the project Nelly became friends and maintained relations until now. Among them Kadono Vlad Inna Volovicheva, Nadezhda Ermakova, Rustam Solntsev, Stepan Menshikov and many others. Nelly Ermolaeva loves and appreciates his fans and admirers. Also, the TV presenter believes that participation in the reality show - it`s a kind of obstacle to the implementation of more major creative projects. But Nellie knows without a shadow of doubt, that the belief in their strength and an overwhelming desire to make the dream a reality - the main condition for success.

Author: Andrew Puminov

Website: Celebrities

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