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Indian specialist in economics and management

Indian entrepreneur and educator, specialist in economics and management, the executive director of the Centre of Indian and global businesses in the Business School of the University of Cambridge (Centre for India & Global Business at Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge).

Before a job in Cambridge Raju spent 10 years in the United States; he served here as vice president of the project `Forrester Research` - one of the most famous and successful research consulting companies of the country. It was here that he first turned his attention to the impact of global innovation in the emergence and development of new market structures and organizational models. As a vivid example of one of the driving forces of the modern economy Raju called noticeable to the naked eye the growth of the Indian and Chinese economies.

One study only Raju was not limited - it is actively advising business leaders and managers worldwide. Raju taught his clients on the introduction of new practices of the organization of industrial processes, integration into the global supply chain and the formation of proactive schemes to communicate with customers. In obscheyslozhnosti when he was an employee of `Forrester` Raju I have published more than 100 reports and articles on various aspects of business and management. Extensive experience in India helped write Navi in ??2008, large-scale study of 10 pieces, to demonstrate the development of innovative business models and their influence on the success of the national economy as a whole.

Raju is highly respected among colleagues and regularly becomes the hero of news in national and international news media; he already had a chance to get on the pages of such prestigious media outlets as `The Wall Street Journal`, `The Economist`, `Bloomberg Businessweek`, `Financial Times`, `Le Monde` and `Nikkei Shimbun`.

Lectures and speeches Navi Raju spoke at the World Economic Forum (World Economic Forum), at Harvard (Harvard University) and at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

For several years, Raju sat on the judging committee award `Innovation Awards`` The Economist`. In his spare time, Navi writes a column for `Bloomberg Businessweek` and` The Wall Street Journal` and maintains a blog on `HarvardBusinessReview.org`.

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