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By Naughty By Nature relationship was special. They are not trying to scare you threatening muzzles ,music is not frightened neighbors monotonous swotting, and the best hits and did liked everyone.

Fast forward to the town of East Orange, NJ, year 1986. Students in one school, Anthony Criss (Anthony Criss), Vincent Browne, and Keir Gist (Keir Gist) changed their worldly names Treach,Vinnie and dj Kay Gee and collected in a group called the New Style. Several victories in local competitions, the album "The Independent Leaders" and says the then main female hip-hop m countrywoman Queen Latifah. Three young man came to her liking and she graciously takes them with him on tour, and at the same time recommends that the label Tommy Boy.

Do not think ,they immediately settle in neighboring suites - for memories Trichy, its main concern was to carry bags of Madame. It is for this creative activity he met his future best friend Tupac. He hunted the same concerns, but the suitcases were not Latifa and participants to nurture his Digital Underground. It seemsNow, these bags can be sold on e-bay.

It took several years and in 1991, changed its name to silly we all know now, the guys released their debut album "Naughty By Nature", which, to put it vulgar phrases pontovyh press releases " blew up the charts and sold unprecedented edition". So it was - a provocative single "O.P.P." Sloop 2 Platinum, which does not tire of repeating, for those times extremely good figure. A sample of the Jackson 5 + bits Kay Gee + fast, but soft Proofreading Trichy equaled the main hit of the year.

To the credit of the group should be noted almost complete autonomy it, neither you beatmaker famous or sets the name of the guests. Just the same as Queen Latifah and some much less well-known assistants. Not one "O.P.P." good album, it sold a million copies, and thanks to " 1,2,3 ", and perhaps the only social song on the album - "Ghetto Bastard". The lightness and even cordiality "Naughty By Nature", a special soft mood,non-aggressive and create an album of classic glory.

Despite the success of just such a sound, it was impossible not to take into account the general trends of the growing increase in negativity and aggression in hip-hop. Just look at the cover of the second album, which did not wait and went out in 2 years - fists, severely compressed sponge ,hands on his hips and a chainsaw - do not mess with us. Intricately called "19NaughtyIII", of course, different and theme and sound harder, but, as noted by foreign publications, dj Kay Gee managed to write such a cunning music, ms such artful texts that are on TV - radio always privechali, and on streets always put with pleasure. And if Thereforenon-Russians, and radio-friendly and street credibility. Another trio is different from a view from the outside - yes, we see all the dirt that on our streets - drugs, murder, prostitution, etc., but does not condone and do not decorate it. Especially we do not participate in all of this.

The most serious is attributed tracks "Daddy Was a Street Corner,"" The Hood Comes First, " and " The Only Ones ". But the absolute album center must be regarded as a song " Hip-Hop Hooray ", in which there is nothing of the above. This major hit NBN in their entire career has reached the most distant points of the Earth and It refers to the golden fund of hip-hop.

Only hopeless troechnik not include the hymn to the list of the best rap songs of all time.

" Hip Hop Hooray " still listens very fresh and I am sure, will be heard as long as the world does not conquer the Swiss, but there is reason to believe that it will happen soon. One million copies of the single and the same album - all the band was good.

Stated pace " an album every two years, " they decided not to reduce, and in 1995-th visitors could buy my collection third work group "Poverty`s Paradise". He was no worse than the previous ones, but when they say " no worse ", it is understood that in no way better. The main drawback was the lack of unconditional hits. In such a role claimed the track "Feel Me Flow" and 500,000 Americans believe him ,providing gold and single, and later the album. Smooth, high-quality, with occasional bursts of "Craziest", "Clap Your Hands" and "Chain Remains", the release of the band was the last of the " golden fund " Naughty By Nature ". Interestingly, it was he who received the Grammy Award for best rap -albom year.

After this work, the band slightly relaxed. Trich was getting closer to the get-together of the label Death Row, was recorded with a friend Tupac (he claims, they have a lot of tracks recorded together, only they are not released) . However, he did not forget his career as a model and actor, which began immediately after the release of the first album. The last field he achieved considerable success : the iconic "Juice", love melodrama "Face", soft erotic "Love And A Bullet", "Jason`s Lyric", "OZ", "First Time Felon", "New York Undercover" and some more. Among whom are now free. Well, a creative person, she does not accept the boundaries and borders. IN 1999-nd he could marry Pepa - girlfriend of the notorious group Salt`N`Pepa (remember the song Let`s Talk About Sex?). I managed to get a divorce, and 2 years later.

Vinnie, he`s Vin-Rock, as the least valuable member of the group, quietly hunted trade group branded uniforms, even opened a shop where they sold everythingwhat could stick the same logo. But the influence of the older ms was not in vain - immediately after the "Poverty`s Paradise" two of them were arrested for carrying weapons without authorization.

Kay Gee felt very well on the path of producing. Queen Latifah, Next, Zhane and many r`n`b- pevichek willing to buy his music.Subsequently, it backfired whole group. And yet together they founded Illtown Records, which released an album of his disciples Rottin Rascalz, some tracks which could be heard on the third album. The very same team went on a major Arista, this contributed to a lot of communication Kay Gee - he produced many artists of this label. Ibid, and he was released in the 1999th last album in the original line-up - "Nineteen Naughty Nine: Nature`s Fury".

Repeating the secret of success of previous work - a soft sound, excellent reading of Trichy, pop - ins and 1-2 hits, this disc is quite satisfied everyone. The traditional "gold" singles ("Jamboree") and album. And listen, meanwhile ,it became duller and duller. Moreover, that began very serious disagreements within the group. Kay Gee said bluntly that rapping to old age he has no desire to.

" Hip - hop - for children ", - he said in an interview given on the occasion of the departure from NBN. He was far away, at the ward of his label Divine Mill -Next very well sold discs and Jaheim, Raine and Koffee Brown, too, did not have to complain. Arista, representatives of which were firmly convinced that the whole success of Naughty By Nature was to talents Kay Gee, quickly terminated the contract with the remaining members of the group, which, of course, could not please them. Between Trichy and former di-DJ group even took a fight in which one, according to ms, did not come out the winner. So, to soothe the soul.

Left with nothing caught savior of drowning - the label TVT Records, through which came the last and by far the team release - "IIcons". It did not help sales either part of pop starlet Pink,nor ms with a funny name Icarus. Also there were noted Bumpy Knuckles, Queen Latifah, Rottin Rascalz (they did not stop to talk with Kay Gee, he still does the writing their music) , Carl Thomas, 3LW Redman and Method with Man`om. I must say that beatmaker invited instead of the former friend tried quite good and listen to "IIcons" not ashamed.

After some creative stagnation, the duo returned to action. Winnie support in his hometown of an educational program to teach young black American television wisdom, and with might and main Trichy fighting the spread of AIDS. They also toured extensively throughout the world, down to Nigeria,Australia and New Zealand, with the success of its program obkatyvaya greatest hits.

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