Natasha Yarovenko

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Date of birth: 23.07.1979

Age: 37

Place of birth: Odessa

Citizenship: Spain

Hollywood tale of the Spanish actress of Ukrainian origin

Author: Light Konfetkina

Website: Celebrities

On this spectacular girl walk in one of the sunny days on the streets of Barcelona, ??many paid attention. Slender, long-legged, with big eyes and a sparkling smile, she just could not go unnoticed in a crowd of passers-by. That`s photographer brother Lydia Delgado (famous Spanish fashion designer), he could not resist the beauty and invited to participate in the competition models.

It is with this competition began modeling and later acting career Yarovenko Natasha.

The future queen of the catwalk and star of Spanish cinema was born in the beautiful coastal city of Odessa in the family of engineers, July 23, 1979. Like most Soviet children, a girl attending regular high school, she studied singing, classical and modern dance, theater arts. Responsible pupil always tried to perform all tasks in the five plus. In addition to schoolwork Natasha also attended ballet lessons, so her schedule was painted from morning till evening.

1991 was difficult for many Soviet families Yarovenko - is no exception. Natasha says that together with his parents very worried because of the collapse of the USSR. But life moved on inexorably, the girl continued, "to gnaw granite of science" and attend remedial classes.

Accustomed to a strict regime and high loads, Natasha at the age of 17 years are very easily he entered the Faculty of Odessa University. She had the ability to learn languages, so learning at university did not become for her chem-to prohibitively complicated: first and second courses student mastered in one year. And at the end of training, being the fifth year, all visited the native "alma mater" only twice - during the session. Besides Russian and English, which are studied at university, Natasha knows perfectly Ukrainian, Spanish and Italian. Later, while working in the film industry, the love of philology really helped her.

In 1998, at the age of 19 years old, a young girl moved to Moscow and immediately fell in love with this city, because its crazy pace of life he did not like Odessa. In the capital, while her mother lived. A year later Ukrainian company, which employs mother Natasha, translated it into an office in Spain, and the whole family moved to permanent residence in Barcelona.

So whether for Natasha is a serious blow? Not at all. In my heart girl - a great adventurer and traveler, so she happily plunged into active life in a new city. And it was here that she met this photographer.

Once there was a contest of models and the first steps on the fashion catwalks. Natasha Yarovenko saw herself Lydia Delgado and has repeatedly called her on their shows, thus showing an excellent model school of life. Already at this stage of career Natasha began to learn on the streets.

And then in the life of a girl he has another Lydia. Director Lydia Zimmerman invites Natasha on casting the lead role in the movie "Ice Lady". Having overcome all the doubts and fears ... and risked model was approved for the lead role in the film, which marked the beginning of her successful film career. Although Natasha had experience filming in the TV series

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Natasha Yarovenko picture
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