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Date of birth: 14.12.1971

Age: 44

Place of birth: Hampton Court

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

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MakElhon Natasha (Natascha McElhone, 14.12.1971) - British actress of theater, cinema and television; best known for his roles in the films `Ronin` (` Ronin`), `Show Trumena` (` Truman Show`) and Solyaris` `(` Solaris`). Also MakElhon performs a major role in the popular television series channel Showtime `California bludnik` (` Californication`).

Born MakElhon - then still Natasha Taylor - at Hampton Court, Surrey, England; her parents were journalists. As a first stage name Natasha took his mother`s maiden name, Taylor.

She grew up not one girl - she has one brother Damon (now writes the script in Los Angeles) and the two combined. The parents had left when she was two years old; Irish-mother eventually took away the family in Brighton, where he later married journalist Roy Greenslade. Currently she lives in Ireland with his family.

From six to twelve years MakElhon took lessons irlandskhi dance. After school, she enrolled at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts. The theatrical career began with her starring role in the play `Richard III` ( `Richard III`) in Regent`s Park; there Natasha played in `The Count of Monte Kristo` ( `The Count of Monte Cristo`) and Cherry sad`` ( `Cherry Orchard`).

In the movie MakElhon debuted in 1991 in the BBC TV series channel Berzherak` `(` Bergeras`); in 1992 she was cast in one of the episodes of the project `Just fantastika` (` Absolutely Fabulous`).

In the movie, the actress first appeared in 1996 in the film `Surviving Pikasso` ( `Surviving Picasso`) with Anthony Hopkins. After a series of works she received her most famous role to this day - in the film `Trumena` Show with Jim Carrey. Then Natasha starred in such films as `Ownership dyavola` (` The Devil`s Own`) with Brad Pitt, Ronin` `(` Ronin`) with Robert De Niro and Solyaris` `(` Solaris`) c George Clooney.

In 2005, the actress starred in NBC`s miniseries `Otkroveniya` (` Revelations`) c Bill Pullman. In 2006th she got the main role in the West endskoy statement `Honour` Wyndham`s Theatre with Diana Rigg and Martin Jarvis. Shortly thereafter, Natasha agreed to play Karen in a provocative series `California bludnik` with David Duchovny in the title role.

It is known that in the 2010th MakElhon announce Marie in a computer game `Castlevania: Lords of Shadow`.

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