Natalya Ujviy

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Date of Birth: 09/08/1898

Age: 87

Place of birth: Lyuboml

Citizenship: Ukraine


Born into a peasant family in Volyn. She was the eldest daughter of a large family (Natalia had five brothers and two sisters). In search of a better life father took a job on the railroad near Warsaw. Until 1912 the family lived in the village of Brodno near Warsaw. There Natalia visited the railway, and then the town school. Since 1915 he worked as a teacher. During the revolution the family moved to Zolotonosha (modern Cherkasy region). Here Natalia first took part in the performances of amateur drama circle. In 1922, a circle was converted into a mobile theater at the USSR People`s Commissariat of Education.

In 1922 Natalia divorced her first husband and moved to Kiev. There, she was enrolled in the second part of the USSR Shevchenko First Theatre. In the theater Uzhviy met the famous actor Ivan Maryanenko, who became her mentor in acting. In 1925-1926 - the leading actress of the Odessa State Drama Theatre.

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Natalya Ujviy picture
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Natalya Ujviy picture
Natalya Ujviy picture