Natalya Surkova

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Date of birth: 14.03.1967

Age: 49

Place of birth: Gorky

Citizenship: Russia


Winner of the "Golden Aries" award in the category "Best Actor" ( "Friends") (2004)

Winner of the special prize of the American Guild of Screen Actors Guild for her role in "Friends" (2004)

The Sweet Life in Gorky

Natalia Surkov was born in Gorky (Nizhny Novgorod) March 14, 1967. It is hard to believe, but by his own admission the actress as a child she was a true "hothouse plant" grew under the rays of a mother`s love, not knowing the grief and sorrow: "My mother - such work, she often traveled on business trips to Moscow, Leningrad, all brought home. And I was considered safe, according to those standards, girl. Although it sounds, of course, ridiculous. I could walk in a beautiful coat. I had a Czech fashion icon "cherry". Then it was! .. I do not know what and compare. Well, six hundredth "Mercedes" today. And I have such icons was about six, "Smorodinka", "Malinka" ... ". In a city where the sausage and butter were considered deficient, outward prosperity caused the rejection, and the bright beauty attracted the attention of others, often negative, so Natasha often faced with betrayal and jealousy.

The need for communication sought a way out and sublimated in the creation of small suburban views that would now be called the performances - all began with the circus when the neighborhood boys and girls under the guidance of a five-year Natasha depicting elephants and tigers, then the numbers grew thoughtful, and gradually turned into small performances in which Natalia was a director, and an actress, and producer: "All the neighbors came to testify to watch our performances, and buy tickets for two pennies. And all I have to work! ". Naturally, theatrical and educational activities continued in school, and after receiving the diploma 9th grade girl without hesitation filed documents in the Gorky Theatre School and was admitted to the course and V.S.Sokoloverova R.Ya.Levite.

Upon receipt of Natalia started a completely different life: although she dreamed about the fate of the actress, but like many young girls, was unprepared for the grueling work and study acting, which lasts for 24 hours a day: "I had quite other interests. no study has been on his mind. And at the same drama school it was a filter through which people passed, and all unnecessary remains on the filter screen. In college, I realized that rehearsal - it`s not what punishment, but necessity: it is necessary to come, to go to work. " Perhaps that is why Natalia Surkov in his native school was considered unpromising actress, and the distribution of school after she dropped out to go to the glorious city of Cheboksary to revive the local theatrical business.

Journey from Cheboksary to St. Petersburg

Promayavshis Cheboksary three months, Surkov has decided to take advantage of the invitation I. Vladimirov, who was a member of the state commission on graduation performance, and perceived "untalented" actress. Meter invited the girl to continue the theatrical education in St. Petersburg - promised to take to his course out of the competition. However, all was not as planned Natalia, and the road to St. Petersburg, as it turned out, passes through Moscow - Vladimirova on a course she has not got, and like hundreds of boys and girls, went to storm the theater school of the capital. In Moscow, it is estimated the "mediocrity" graduate of the Gorky theater: Surkov went to the last round in all high schools, but still went out of the race in the final. For objective reasons: "It was very funny, because I have at this time began to cut a wisdom tooth. And I came up with a distorted face and said the selection committee: "You do not pay attention, I say fine, I just have a wisdom tooth is cut." They got me with horrible speech defects initially passed and then thought: "And who knows how it actually speaks" And do not take me. "

Frustrated and desperate, Surkov came back to St. Petersburg, where she did not have anything - no apartment, no job, no family. Natalia started looking for work in the theater, but nothing did not develop until acquaintance (an actor Spectators J. Stepanov) is not advised her to "appear" young director S. Spivak, who has just started work in the Young Theatre at Lenkontserte and gathered the troupe. So in 1986 I was born a creative alliance, which eventually became one of the legends in the world of theater Peter.

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