Natalya Rogozhkina

Picture of Natalya Rogozhkina

Age: 41

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Tatiana Novitchenskaya

Website: Celebrities

Honored Artist of Russia

Winner of the "Seagull" Award


Rogozhkina Natalia was born in 1974 in Moscow in the family of employees. Childhood and school years, it took place in Bulgaria, while the father worked. As for the creative life, at the time 16 years it consisted of children`s concerts visiting grandmother with transformations in Alla Pugacheva and Sofia Rotaru, and even from a short stay in the school drama club. There also had the feeling that she can do that can not afford more.


That is why she decided to take the biggest gamble of his life - to enter a theater, but was preparing a medical. Parents, of course, were in shock. In the face of the daughter they wanted to see the personal dentist, and my mother said: "Well, nothing, coming back from the theater with a trace of a boot in the ass, and the already - normal go into medicine." While in Moscow came the terrible rumors about the flourishing of corruption in higher education institutions, crazy competitions. Natasha just scared to fail, although it had only one "four" for Russian, and for the theater of the university as it then seemed, special knowledge is not necessary. But confidence in his acting abilities, faith in your talent Rogozhkina were. Relatives, however, skeptical smile, thinking that the chance to get into the actresses have no daughter.

But ... Natalia Rogozhkin accepted into Moscow Art Theatre School, in the course of the Intercession. Maybe, she thought that she was the daughter of the famous film director Rogozhkina? But it is at the time of its receipt odnofamilitsy was not so well known. He has not yet removed the "Peculiarities of National Hunting" and "Cuckoo", and indeed Rogozhkina no idea about its existence! And her commission on this subject did not ask questions. Although it is now widely believed that the actress to him has something to do and sincerely surprised to learn that it is not so.

Natalia Rogozhkina studied at the Studio School, which was rector Oleg Tabakov, and that he always maintained: either stay in the institution, or expulsion. However, they rarely met, mainly in the exams. Oleg Pavlovich was sitting in the front row and Rogozhkina, like all students, it should be - sleeping or not at its passage. Because if asleep - it is bad.


After graduation young actress immediately was invited to the Moscow Art Theatre. And today`s "White Guard", where she plays Elena Talberg, many go on it "on Rogozhkin". The actress loves his work, feels that it hit the target. Most importantly, the role of the emotionally affected audience in the hall. A kitchen that is the way it is achieved, it becomes less important.

The actress a lot of work in the theater. MHTa artistic director Oleg Tabakov annually extend her contract. So, the actress is hoping that this shows sympathy Oleg Pavlovich thereto. However, it is mutual. Natalia Rogozhkina busy in performances: "Little Tragedies" in the role of Donna Anna, "Platonov" - Sasha, "Mrs. Warren`s Profession" - Vivi. And she played Regina in "Ghost," Undine, Countess Bertha in "Undine", Poppy in the "most important" and Michelle in "Girl Beatles".


Natalia Rogozhkina a rare acting for the environment feature: it does not prove their exclusivity. Quiet running and trying not to stress that, as the wife of the eminent actor Andrei Panin, is an independent creative unit. Few people know that the role of Kamenka could get all Rogozhkina, not Elena Yakovleva. But as it is neither old, his eyes betrayed a young graduate of the Institute. The actress also starred in all three films of the series "Death and Some Love", where she played brilliantly charming Dasha, unwittingly involved in the machinations of the gang, and comes to help her and save myself Anastasia Kamenskaya. Then there were the supporting roles in "Killer involuntarily" and "Six die first."

Natalia Rogozhkin can be called a "serial" actress. On account of its role, if not the principal, at such famous, recognizable series "Turkish March", "Truckers", "instructor."

The actress starred with her husband in the "Full speed ahead!". Husband, say, approvingly concerned to the wife. But even a word in his mouth, "normal" - is worth it. Although, to be honest, the couple were afraid to work together, because there is no distance any domestic quarrel could inadvertently be transferred to the set between them, or vice versa. But, thank God, nothing happened.

After starring Anastasia Kamenskaya, ten years later, Natalia Rogozhkina again offered to try yourself in the role of age. At this time, no less, no more, and in Stalin`s role in the drama of Tiffany "His wife." Actress brilliantly coped with the task. She even acted completely without make-up! It`s very funny, because she played the mother of Nadezhda Alliluyeva from 42 to 55 years.


When she, home girl, was cast in the dormitory, she decided that it was here - a concentrate of life, intoxicating spirit of freedom. The actress was only 20 years old and at this age especially want to be independent. She was not embarrassed nor shared kitchen or shared shower or cockroaches, which she successfully fought. Nothing! It was just next to Andrew, her future husband, and the fact that it eclipsed all other problems.

Honeymoon trip, as it should be, ideally, Natalia Rogozhkina was not with her husband. Yes they had a wedding and were not - they were not officially married. Just somehow smoothly, itself began to live together: Natalia became increasingly remain in Andrew a few days, more and more of her things turned out in his dorm. And suddenly it became clear - where they are together, and have a house. Since then, the "honeymoon" they are every year: there is a time to gather a suitcase and run away somewhere where you can be forgotten in two weeks. So stretched honeymoon almost fifteen years.

Andrei Panin, one of those men who believe that a woman should: time - sit and two - quietly, and three - pregnant and four - in the kitchen at the stove. This is his ideal. I had to sacrifice principles, require leaving the profession by his wife - he decided stupid!

When Natalia was pregnant, they have been prepared with Panin Ilya name. And here in the hospital for the first time bring her son. Seeing him, she suddenly realized that the name of Ilia it is absolutely not appropriate. So Elijah became Sasha. A mother in law, right there: "How`s my grandson Ilya?" And he was not at all Ilya. Mom changed her mind: "It is more similar to Sasha." There was a minute pause, and then a question with an unforgettable tone: "In some of the Sasha ?!"

In the life of Natalya Rogozhkina ... like the weather forecast on TV. It seems everything is explained and it is clear that tomorrow will be: how temperature, precipitation, wind speed, pressure ... But the next day shows the opposite! That`s it ...


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