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Date of Birth: 07/02/1924

Age: 92

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia

Bonk - tutorial and people

She now teaches and still produces his famous books - a new generation of "Bonk" (her name has long become a common noun, leans on every key word). With the legendary author talked observer of "Izvestiya".

Candy by Bukharin

question: Natalia before you move on to English, I can not help but ask, what`s the story connects you with our newspaper.

-response: I went to the 25th school model, close to the "News" - Medvedev on the street (now Staropimenovskiy lane), and the team`s main Soviet newspaper over us patronize. I remember, on the anniversary of the October Revolution, I, among others, the round honors received from the chiefs box of chocolates with a deer on the cover and a certificate signed by the chief editor of "Izvestia" Nikolai Bukharin.

in: In this school, the children learned to party and government leaders, in particular, Svetlana and Vasily Stalin. Were you familiar with them?

On-: Yes, Svetlana, I remember well, she studied in the class of younger and was a big fan of my theatrical exercises. At that time I dreamed of a career of actress, she was an indispensable party to various amateur productions, and Svetlana I always loud clapping from the audience. Actually she loved theater, music, frequented performances and concerts. After the war, we met by chance in the conservatory, and the first thing she asked me: "You, of course, gde-nibud in GITIS?" No, I say, I teach English. She was very surprised. In one of the autobiographical book by Svetlana Alliluyeva has a piece dedicated to her school friends and acquaintances. About me it says something like: but the girl, from which we are all very much expected, was the only teacher of the English language.

in "only" ... The most famous teacher in the country. By the way, why did you choose English? After all, before the war in the Soviet Union without exception taught German.

-o: That`s right. But the German by then I already knew. And the method of studying it was very simple, but quite effective. At that time, children from families midlevel Soviet intelligentsia (engineers, doctors, etc.) from a young age groups were sent to the nearby boulevards custody of German women, governesses. A year later, the baby quite smartly sputter in German, and by the time they start school already fluent in it. Not really knowing grammar, may be unable to sometimes even read and write, but to speak and understand it by ear! So I went from five years to a group of one such Frau at Patriarch`s Ponds. Of course, the first day of the war all those Germans expelled from Moscow.

sign, determine the fate

-o: The English came into my life at age 17, when I graduated from school. Then, in the 42nd, the Germans were still not far from Moscow. My mother, an actress of the Moscow Philharmonic Rosalia M. Krol-Boyar, was part of the artistic front-line teams. His father, the chief engineer of one of the plants of the Ministry of Aviation Industry, Alexander E. Kroll, together with his company was transferred to the east. Once I got a call from the trade union Minaviaproma and said the pope will soon do not expect it for a long time engaged in important work (in the evacuation father restored the production of lacquers, paints and plexiglass for combat aircraft). And you otovaritsya all owed to you cards meat at a grocery store near the metro station "Park Kultury". I did so, otovaritsya cards, I got a rare piece at the time - a whole leg of lamb. Ida, happy, home, suddenly I saw a sign: Institute of Foreign Languages. Tut-to into my head and comes to mind, but why not learn English until I was not yet fully defined, go to work or enroll in kakoy-nibud theatrical institution. So, right from the sheep`s foot (but neatly packaged in paper), I was at the Department of English, she has successfully passed the interview and as a graduate-excellent student was accepted without examination. As a beginner, I was assigned to the weakest group of English. But I very quickly caught up and spoke the best students.

After graduating in 1946, I got married: my chosen just discharged from the hospital after being seriously wounded. Already in the Oder it took a boy sniper. Alive was a miracle. It went on captured bike in a sports bent. Just so the bullet went right through through the left lung, clearing a piece of rib. By the way, all my benefits I receive as a widow, a disabled World War II Anatoly Adol`fovich Bonk.

By order of Mikoyan

Q: You went to teach English in the first postwar year, the Higher Courses for learning foreign languages ??in Foreign Trade. They were organized on the initiative of Mikoyan?

On-: Anastas Ivanovich was horrified at how little his employees of the Ministry of Foreign Trade, working directly with foreign counterparts, know foreign languages, and issued an order on the organization of these courses. At first, all my students were much older than me.

Q: What kind of troops you got?

-o: The so-called individuals, ie personal disciples. These were people who held very high positions, not lower than the chairman of the foreign trade association. For example, the head of "Eksportles" Matvey Matveevich Kostolevsky.

in: He was as handsome as his son - actor Igor Kostolevsky?

-o: I would not say. But it was an amazing person, since such posts in those years the Jews have been a one-two and miscalculated. At that time I, as a pregnant woman, gave a light load - with Kostolevsky was easy and pleasant to deal with. Matvey Matveevich read a lot and is usually reported to me given the material somehow always standing.

Q: How fast is mastering a foreign language "difficult" contingent?

-o: After the revolution, the old diplomatic personnel and foreign trade in the country were either destroyed or have emigrated, but new ones were quite nice people, they tried very hard to learn the language. Benefits have almost was not. Therefore, I myself thought out exercise. And when the senior teacher of courses once came to my lesson, she asked where I get these exercises. I write myself, I answered honestly. It was then that I have proposed and to prepare material for training in groups. Said here is the author`s team - write.

Q: And as a result of the first saw the light of "Bonk"?

-o: I want to emphasize that this was a collective work - Bonk, Koty, Lukyanova and Pamuhinoy. Wait for the book, we had a few years. The first textbook was published in 1960. It was printed in Austria, in the communist publishing house "Globe". The book sold out instantly and immediately became a big deficit. And in 1972, I and my main co-author - Natalia Lukyanova its redesigned, removing the error, and that as such it was reprinted several times.

Q: How many survived all editions legendary second "Bonk"?

-o: I do not think. A book began mercilessly pirates during the adjustment period. So it is impossible to say exactly ...

Convenient manual

in: Your textbook "English step by step", which came out a few years ago - it is essentially a new job?

-o: Certainly. For this tutorial I have come thanks to the efforts of my daughter Irina, alas, now deceased. When she started to get sick and she had to leave work, Irina took to remake the textbook, which we in the middle of the 80s wrote jointly with Isadore Ilinichnoj Levina. Of course, I helped Ira, and thus was born the first part "of the English step-by-step." The second part I wrote one. Then my daughter came up with the so-called workbooks. This results in a fundamental complex with lots of natural, typical of modern speech dialogues with heavy accumulation of linguistic baggage. Most of those who have used this tutorial, call it comfortable to work with. A recent "Rosman" was a book for advanced students. I wrote it together with his cousin Eugenia Markovna Saltykova.

Iron Eliza Doolittle

Q: When you`ve been in England and America, the natural native speakers gave reasons to be surprised?

On-: One lady did it. I remember in 1975, while in England, with my partner, we often watched TV in the hotel. And we have always struck a vulgar, tasteless dressed woman who daily abused the Labour government, and her English aristocracy did not shine. Grandma called the lady, Peggy.

Q: Here`s how! I guessed it was the famous "Iron Lady" ...

-o: Yes, Margaret Thatcher, who was then in opposition. But what kind of metamorphosis occurred with her in a few years when she came to power! This clever woman always worked hard on yourself, to cultivate. And finally corrected his tongue, changed their appearance, became the talk and dress differently.

in: Just like Eliza Doolittle in "Pygmalion" ... And how do you English Barack Obama?

-o: Being black, he tries to speak beautifully. But, say, Hillary Clinton said at a US English than the current president.

On the Russian laziness and Danish peasant

in: Natalia, what textbooks most effectively learn English - by domestic or foreign?

-o: According to our, but good. For example, I tried to write clearly. And when Ira was a little, and something did not understand, she always asked me: "Say the words!"

Q: What do the main emphasis - on conversation, listening, reading, writing?

-o: Looking for what language you need. When it comes to tours, to learn a few words are enough that you need in concrete everyday situations. If a person is going to learn a language with a serious practical purpose, it is necessary to train him in all four skills. But at the same linguistic competence - something very naughty. If you do not practice regularly, many do not read or listen to, then it is lost, and very quickly. And it is the ring you wish to continue to communicate with native speakers or use it in your profession, you must be prepared to solid rate, and it is at least several months. For example, in our courses at the Literary Institute are engaged from October to May, twice a week for three hours.

Q: And the best way to teach children the language?

-o: In my opinion, the most effective system - this is the one I went as a child. Remember Frau with the Ponds? There is nothing better.

in: Today we do not bleschit knowledge of foreign languages. Tell me, why is that?

-o: I think that is not the last role is played here by the absence of normal textbooks for children with a good, clear system of exercises. To student has achieved something, he should train as train musicians.

in: Perhaps our man is just not able to learn foreign languages?

-o: In Denmark, I saw a simple peasant, farmer`s fluent in three foreign languages. People like it, well aware that their native language is absolutely incomprehensible to most foreigners, which will have to communicate. And so eager to learn the language, which can be explained almost everywhere. Today, this international language is English.

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