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Date of Birth: 07/25/1980

Age: 36

Place of birth: Nizhny Novgorod

Citizenship: Russia

Talent comedian

Author: Andrew Puminov

Website: Celebrities

Truly nationwide fame came to Natalia Botchkareva after the release on the television screens of the popular series `Happy vmeste`. Curvy redhead Dasha Bukin has become one of the most popular telegeroin, and for a long time Natalia Bochkarev lived in the shadow of his screen image. But then, to the surprise of his fans, it dramatically lost weight, changed hair color, then became a leading Ukrainian channel STB. Given the young age of the actress, there is no doubt that it is not yet time surprise all its transformations.

Bochkareva Natalia was born and grew up not far from Moscow. She was born July 25, 1980 in Nizhny Novgorod (then Gorky). Her parents worked in the famous Gorky Automobile Plant, the mother was an accountant and his father - working; later in the family has another daughter. Natasha grew cheerful and active child. She attended virtually all school clubs, dancing, embroidering, engaged in a school theater studio, and eventually, in spite of his small stature, even came to the school models and photographed for several magazines. Despite the fact that everyone around noticed a definite artistic talent of a girl on stage, she never dreamed of, and in the upper grades, yielding to the persuasion of parents who wanted the material welfare of his daughter, attended courses of young entrepreneurs. However, after graduation, Natasha did not engage in business, and decided to pursue journalism. She wrote notes on youth topics for several publications of Nizhny Novgorod, and in search of interesting material frequently attended performances, interviewing celebrities visiting. Soon, Natasha realized that she would like to be interviewed as a star, and even argued about it with her aunt, who claimed that the actress out of it will not work. Therefore, when the girl came across an advertisement for the set in the Theatre School of his native city, she did not hesitate to go to the entrance exams and passed them successfully. Together with his fellow students from the workshop of R. Leviticus girl on weekends often came to Moscow to see well-known plays. Inspired by the play of the actors of the capital, after the first-year college Natalia tried to enter the GITIS, but failed.

In the final year of the Nizhny Novgorod Theatre School Bochkareva Natalia he played the main character in the play `Kasatka`. This production won first place at the Nizhny Novgorod theater festival, and Botchkareva role was awarded a special prize. School then attended Oleg Tabakov, looks for talented students for their school-studio, and Natalia was invited to study at the Moscow Art Theater School, where she was admitted directly to the third year.

Student years were not easy for a girl. She was starving in the literal sense of the word, and even moonlighted as a waitress in a cafe, where ipoznakomilas her future husband, a lawyer Nikolai Borisov. In 2002, received a second diploma of artistic education, Natalia Bochkarev became an actress Moscow Art Theater. Literally from the first days of work, she participated in the most famous productions of the theater. The young actress played in the `` Cabal of Hypocrites (Rival), `` The Last Victim (Pivokurova), Violin and `` a little bit nervous (girlfriend), `` Tattooed Rose (Flora) and other performances. In addition, Bochkareva played Vasilisa staged in Tabakov`s famous play `On dne`, and participated in the entreprise `Ruski loto` Sergei Lavrov Center.

His film career Natalia start a student, she appeared in 1999 in an episode of the movie `Chinese serviz`. It was followed by a series of small roles that do not even were listed in the credits, but the typical external data actress and her artistic talent have contributed to more frequent invitations to the shooting.

In 2005 Bochkareva played several supporting roles - Lisa in `` Zone, Irina trays in `` Advocate-2, the Innu in Kulagin and partners `` OE and then Natalia received an invitation to the casting of a new family sitcom, and was approved for the role of Daria Bukin though its opponent was the famous Evelyn Bledans. Screen age Daria was much older than the Botchkareva it endlessly ate candy and watching TV, ridiculously dressed, do not understand why women have to work - and thus enjoyed a resounding success with the audience.

In 2007, during a break in filming, Natalie and Nicholas were married, and their first-born Ivan was born soon. Lost weight after giving birth at the request of the director Natalia regained its curvy shape and continued to shoot. In 2008 she had a daughter, Masha.

The popularity of the actress made her popular in other projects. In 2010, she starred in the title role in the film `` Megadzhunglis, has become the leading show `` They live the same people on the channel NTV, as well as the divorced, as none of the others for several years and had no idea. In 2011, having completed the fifth season has made her famous sitcom, Natalia Bochkarev moved to Kiev, where he became a member of the TV project `Dancing with zvezdami`. During filming, she not only learned how to dance beautifully, but also lost 20 kg, completely transforming itself. This result amazed Ukrainian viewers and filmmakers, and Natalia was invited to lead the Ukrainian channel STB show `Zvazhen

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