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Date of Birth: 11/24/1938

Age: 77

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia

Natalia Krachkovskaya: actresses who did not forget

Author: Andrew Puminov

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Post-war childhood

Natalia L. Krachkovskaya (nee Belogortseva) was born in the Russian capital. Her grandfather served in the royal protection, parents were theater actors. The family survived the revolution and repression. In the early days of the Great Patriotic little Natasha`s father, who has always wanted to be a soldier, he volunteered for the front. After the war, he remained in Germany, where he died soon after.

Natalia`s mother and her younger sister Irina, along with her daughters lived in Moscow. Because of the employment in the performances and constant rehearsals it was often not at home, so the girls brought up grandparents. Like almost all the children of war, Natasha grew skinny kid, loved to play pranks and was friends with the boys, bullies who doted in a desperate girl. When it toschenkuyu and scarred, saw paternal grandmother, the granddaughter decided to fatten as it should.

With 12 years of Natalia began rapidly to gain weight, but does not complexed. Self-confident pyshechka not only has not lost its admirers among fellow yards, but gained even more admirers. Belogortseva from a young age was surrounded by fans, and no extra weight could not hide before their eyes joyous and cheerful disposition girls. When Natasha will be the artist, the entire Soviet Union, too, will love it - plump, cute and charming.

Did Ivan the Fool

Mama Natalia L. - actress Theater named after Pushkin Maria Fonina - did not want her daughter went in her footsteps. The eldest daughter, who was fond of past events and go to the historic circle, she saw the archivist. But no less stories she loved acting. So after school Natasha filed documents in the Historical Archives Institute and the Film Institute.

VGIK in the year the competition was just crazy - more than 250 people in place. Such hype does not scare young Belogortseva. To listen to a monologue she chose Ivan the Fool from a fairy tale Ershov `Skate-Gorbunok`. Course Director, who attended the creative trial, without hesitation took the plump abiturientku in their group.

Games destiny

Following the successful enrollment of the first and happiest weeks of study was a trouble. Natalia pleased by a car and lost her sight, which, fortunately, is gradually restored. But time has been lost. After lying in the hospital, and then home to the rehabilitation Belogortseva could not return to VGIK - doctors did not recommend her to learn to keep your eyes. The girl got a job as a laboratory assistant in the Institute of Metallurgy, though not abandoned the dream of a career actress.

Even before the accident, in 1955, Natalia has had time to make his debut in the movie. At 17, she starred in drame`Povest about agronome`. The tape did not come out on the screen, and all the materials were destroyed. However, little acting experience at Belogortseva still was, and she boldly went to `Mosfilm` to be asked in the crowd.

`Dream poeta`

In the 60s Natalia L. appeared in episodes of several paintings, among which was popular to this day comedy `Marriage Balzaminova`. In the same period, in 1962-ohm, actress met her future husband - Vladimir Krachkovsky sound engineer, whose name she took. The couple had a son Vasily, who had gone after his father`s footsteps and also became a sound engineer.

Raising a child and occasionally filming, Natalie continued to earn Krachkovskaya lab. And, perhaps, would not be revealed until the end as an actress, if not the case. In 1971, film director Leonid Gaidai worked on a new project `12 stulev`. His team was the husband and Natalia L., who once led his wife on the set. The director was looking for the actress for the role of Madame Gritsatsuyeva, `zabrakovav` Nonna Mordjukova and in considering invite Galina Volchek. Just look Krachkovskii, Gaidai said: `Here it is, the poet`s dream `!.

Love and Glory

On the set of `12 stulev` young woman surrounded by titans of Soviet cinema. She unabashedly joined the star-studded team and blestyaschespravilas with the task. On the bright character actress drew attention not only viewers but also producers, considering her comedic gift. At Natalia L. showered with offers, including a request Gaidai star in his next work - freestyle adaptation of Bulgakov`s plays. And Krachkovskaya without hesitation agreed to a role in the new comedy, which was called `Ivan Vasilievich professiyu`.

If Madame Gritsatsuyeva people loved, then Ulyana Andreevna Bunsha created a furor. After the ribbon-Union Natalia Krachkovskaya woke up a celebrity, and its cooperation with Leonid Iovich continued. She has played minor roles in many paintings of the master and was considered `gaydaevskoy` actress, while actively filming of other directors.

For six decades, Natalia L. flashed in 120 films and serials. Among its stellar image of the singer in the miniseries `Change the Meeting Place nelzya`, colorful soy wife in` Pokrovsky vorotah`, Conchita in `Man from Boulevard Kaputsinov` ... Self-irony and charm even the actress starring unpleasant character made her the darling of the public, any decorating reel. For a brief and spectacular appearance in the frame called the Queen Natalia Krachkovskii comic episode. This is and will remain in our memory - who knows how to laugh at themselves and laugh others.

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