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Date of Birth: 03/22/1955

Age: 61

Place of birth: Bogotol

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Igor BIN

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Winner of "Silver Lion" in Germany for the film on the joint work of the photographer G.Binde Winner of festival "Slavic art."

Winner of the contest of artists and readers.


Natalia Zakharova`s debut in the movie took place in 1973. At that time, she worked as a teacher and psychologist at the kindergarten. Natalya took a summer vacation and came to Leningrad for admission to LGITMiK. Taking a walk along Nevsky Prospekt, she met a girl who was an assistant director Victor Okuntsova embarking on "Lenfilm" for the shooting of the musical fairy tale "Beyond the mountains, of forests." Natalia was invited to audition and soon was approved for the role of fairies.

Iz-za filming exams LGITMiK Natalia Zakharova did not have time to pass. I had to go back to the previous work. But a year later she went hard again conquer the college theater - this time in Moscow. In the capital, she was able to realize his dream - she entered the Theater School. BV Shchukin.

Theatre and Cinema. The Soviet period

In 1979 Natalia Zakharova graduated from the Shchukin School. Her diploma work was the role in the play Eugene Shulzhenko "Factory Girl." For some time the actress has worked in the city of Gorky Drama Theatre, and then - in the Riga Youth Theatre. And from September 1, 1990 to June 25, 1991 she was an actress Gorky Moscow Art Theater. Among the theatrical works of Natalia Zakharova - HELENA and Sonya in "Uncle Vanya," Anton Chekhov, directed by Olivia in "Midsummer Night`s Dream" (based on the play by Shakespeare), Shura in the "Duel" Kuprin Birilyuna Fairy in "Bluebird "Maeterlinck and OE

All this time the actress has continued to act in films. In 1980, she played the role of Darya Mihailovna in the drama director Vytautas Zalakevicius "The Story of an Unknown Man" (the novel by Anton Chekhov), and later co-starred in episodes of the movie: "Auction", "Dead Souls," "Sincerely," " Woman in the sea ", as well as in the joint film of Cinematographers of the USSR, Italy and France," The Siege of Venice. "

In addition, Natalya Zakharova took part in a television commercial, worked as a model, in 1989 led to a pair of Alexey Mitrofanov youth television program "Music Forecast".

Return Masha!

In 1993, Natalia Zakharova, went to live in France. There she took up active work: graduated from the Sorbonne, has created a literary-musical salons, where she spent the evening of Russian poetry, staged performances in honor of the famous Russian writers, poets, composers and artists. Natalya Zakharova annually participated in theater festivals in Paris, worked for French radio, was a jury member of the Russian Film Festival in the city Anfler (France). In short, not sitting idle.

But if in the creative plan everything was fine, then here in the privacy of Natalia serious problems. In 1994 she married a French citizen Patrick Huari. A year later, the couple had a daughter, Masha. In 1997, Natalia and Patrick divorced. According to the decision of the French court in the mother took away three year old daughter. The wording was more than crazy:. "Because of the suffocating love of a mother to her daughter" Later, the child returned to his father, and in 2008, he passed it to the orphanage closed.

All this time, Natalya Zakharova fighting for their legitimate rights. Knowing that such problems not only in her one (many Russian mothers living abroad, deprived of their children), she created in 2000, human rights children`s organization "Protect Masha", whose aim was to return home to Russian children. However, in 2004 the court of Versailles deprived Zakharova of parental rights.

In 2006, French police incriminated Natalia Zakharova alleged attempted arson of an apartment of her ex-husband. To avoid jail, Natalia had to hastily return to the country and Russia. At home, she continued to fight for the return of her daughter. Meanwhile, a warrant for her arrest remained in force. In January 2011, Zakharov arrived in Paris at the hearing about the restoration of parental rights, but as soon as she entered the meeting room, as it is immediately arrested.

A few months Natalya Zakharova stayed in the women`s prison "Fleury-Merozhis" which has seriously undermined his health. It has happened many times heart attacks. Finally, in late May, the actress was extradited to Russia. If extradition has happened is another matter - Natalia fell and damaged his spine. Two months Zakharova was in a women`s prison. August 5, 2011, President Medvedev signed a decree to pardon Zakharova.


1973 Over the mountains, of forests

1976 Spring Call

1976 Two Captains

1979 Forgive - farewell

1980 Story of an Unknown Man

1983 Auction

1984 Dead Souls

1985 Yours sincerely,

1991 Siege of Venice / | Caccia alla vedova (USSR-Italy- France)

1992 Woman in sea

2001 Nabokov. Masha - photoplay

2002 Things You Should Know

2011 Forensic

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