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Date of Birth: 07/28/1957

Age: 45

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia



Natalia Strizhenova was born July 28, 1957 in Moscow, in a family of famous actors Oleg Strizhenova and Marianne Strizhenovoj. Natalie was 11 years old when his father left the family, having gone to another woman - the actress Lyubov Zemlyanikin. In the marriage Oleg Strizhenova born son Alexander Strizhenov, who later became a famous actor, director and TV presenter. With Oleg Strizhenov daughter, despite the divorce, she continued to communicate.

70 - 80 years

Natalia Strizhenova childhood dream of becoming an actress, like her parents. At first, all went well. At age 15, she appeared in the role of Lely in the famous children`s fantasy film "Moscow - Cassiopeia." Then Natalia graduated from the Moscow Academic Choreography School, and in 1980 VGIK. By the time she had been behind beat roles in the films "Middle of life" (Katya Sokolova), "Again Aniskin" (girlfriend Grigorieva), "Preparing for the exam" (Lyudochka Kusikov).

At the end of VGIK Natalya continued to act in films. Directed willingly invited in their picture of attractive blonde with huge bright eyes. The telefilm Boris Shadurski "bus driver" Strizhenova played Elena Vasilyevna (or just blonde Lena), in the film adaptation of the novel of Dostoevsky "Teenager", carried out by the director Yevgeny Tashkov - Olympics Alekseevnu Fanariotovu, in the musical film "old wizard`s Tales" (based on Charles tales Perrault) - maid of honor, in the drama by Vladimir Basov "time and the Conway family" - Joan Halford in his youth, in the drama "The day before" (based on the same works of Turgenev) - Zoe, a detective in "The victims have no complaints" - the waitress Marina.

In parallel with the shooting in the movie Natalia Strizhenova successfully worked in the studio theater actor. Among the best of her work on the stage: Korinkina Nina P. Simonov in the play Eugene "Guilty Without Guilt" by Ostrovsky and Lizaveta Nikolaevna in the play of Vyacheslav Spesivtseva "Possessed" by Dostoevsky.


When in the 90s the national cinema struck a severe crisis, Natalia Strizhenova, as well as many other actors, I was left out in the cold. The last time she appeared on screen in 1990 in a melodrama directed by Boris Kvashneva "Provintsialka", playing the role of Svetlana, Boris bride. She did not act in films. Could only work in the studio theater actor, but there are few roles given (the only notable work in the 90s - the role of the Snow Maiden, "a fairy tale" The Wizard of Oz "), and paid very little.

Things were no better with personal life. With spouse Nicholas Holoshinym family relationships did not work out. They divorced, and Natalya stayed with daughter Alexandra.

They lived hard, poorly. In addition, since the mid 90`s Natalia O. began to abuse alcohol. This led her to a tragic end. May 21, 2003 godaNatalya Strizhenova died of cardiac arrest. She was only 46 years old ... When produced an autopsy, then found her blood alcohol and medication Phenazepamum. This medication is prescribed as a sedative, highly increases the effect of alcohol. According to doctors, this mixture is often fatal.

I not long survive Strizhenova Natalia and her mother. Marianna A. died a year after daughter`s death - May 12, 2004.

Daughter Natalia Strizhenovoj Alexander did not go in the footsteps of their parents. She moved to another city, got married and had a son.


1973 Moscow - Cassiopeia

1976 Mid-Life

1977 Again Aniskin

1979 Exam Preparation

1983 Bus driver

1983 Teen

1984 Tales of the old wizard

1984 Time and the family Conway

On the eve of 1985

1986 Victims of claims are not

1986 no limitation period

1990 Provintsialka / Provintsialki

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