Natalia Soldatova

Picture of Natalia Soldatova

Date of Birth: 02/11/1979

Age: 37

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


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Natalia Soldatov was born February 11, 1979 in Moscow. Her father worked as a senior engineer, and her mother, a teacher by training, - the director of studies at the school. In his interview with Natalia she emphasizes that her name is written not by "s", and through "and". At her birth father I decided that Natalia sounds original and brighter than Natalia, softening the sharp enough patronymic - Eduardovna. Therefore, the testimony recorded it that way.

Natalia Soldatov admits that as a child was a terrible fighter. With a keen sense of justice, that brought her parents, the girl was always ready to stand up for what I thought was right.

As for the cinema and theater, then on this path Natalia Soldatov dreamed. She loved to dance, nine years was engaged in ballroom dancing and after graduation was going to enter the ballet school to become a teacher of dance in the future. Otgovorila this girl from her friend Tatiana Spirin: "Natasha, you as a potantsuesh and stop, but on stage you can play as you want. So you`d better go to the actress. "

The debut in the movie

With the submission of a friend and took Soldatova debut in the movie. It happened when Natalia was studying in the eleventh grade. A friend told her that the director Naumov looking for a new movie, "The Secret of Nardo, or Sleep white dog" difficult teenager girl for the role. Natasha went to trial and was soon adopted. She herself said that it happened because of her resemblance to Belokhvostikova, who performed in the film the female lead: "When I put on the big points, all at the site said that I very much like it."

After the approval of the role of Natalia asked to choose clothes for the heroine in your home clothes. The girl did not want to look pathetic and brought my mother to the shooting coat with a sable collar, - it was the best thing her and, besides, the new. Coats became the first victim of the art. Natalia says: "I suggested to the director to remove the collar rich, but he looked up and said to my bomzhihi it will be just right. What I have just this coat did not do: jumping in the snow, I fought ... When she looked a picture, a long time she was laughing, and I with her ... "

Premiere of the film "The Secret of Nardo, or Sleep white dog" took place a few years later - in 1999. In 2001 Naumov remounted the tape to include footage of two other of his films, and as a result got the picture "clock without hands." Here`s a pent-double debut in the movie turned out at our heroine.

GITIS. Love. Marriage

Shooting movie definitively changed the life of Natalia Soldatova teperona already know exactly what is sure to become an actress. In 1996 she graduated from high school and decided to enter the GITIS (RATA) on the acting department. The first attempt was unsuccessful, on a budgetary place it has not passed, remained only the opportunity to study on a paid. It was then in the case and intervened actor and teacher Timothy I. Spivak, which liked Natalia data. He invited the girl to the Institute of Contemporary Art, and promised to translate it in GITIS, as soon as there is available budget place. And so it happened. Already from the second year Natalia Soldatov began to study in GITIS (RATA) on the course Vladimir Andreev.

While studying at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Natalia Soldatov met her love. Alex studied there, receiving third degree. Natalia was appointed group leader, and it is often consulted with him on organizational matters. Very soon, she realized that the attitude towards it on the part of Alexey more than friendly. With her hand sympathy for the guy at first there was no, on the contrary, she did not even like. As recognized by Natalia herself: "As a child, I imagined his chosen fairy-tale prince. Beautiful and balding ... I do not think my husband would look like this ... "

The more Natalia pushed Alexis, the more he wanted to conquer the rebellious girl, and the more it has added fire in their relationship. "Once, I accidentally cut my arm on the glass, he immediately rushed to the HOST where the time I moved up, and brought healing ointment. And once I`m on vacation resting in a village, I was urgently summoned to the shooting in Moscow. Since Alex came to me and took, though the road took away five hours of one-way ... "- Natalia says. So, step by step, Alex managed to achieve the first position, and then the love of a girl. Already in the second year they were married ...

During the period of study in GITIS Natalia Soldatov she had time for two years to work in the Moscow Theater. Yermolova. But by the end of the institute (Natalia graduated in 2000 with honors), she has a son, Gregory. After the birth of first-born actress I have decided that it is necessary to devote themselves to the child: "... if you serve the theater, you have to give yourself the whole. After all, if you have entered somewhere, then you have to drop everything and do just that. You can not be a unit around which everything revolves. " Natalia left the theater and went to work in the gymnasium, taught in high school. As she says, she taught in different ways, but through the prism of acting.

With cinema Natalia Soldatov also for a while "tied": My husband and I immediately agreed that the year and a half I will devote the child. I do not even have thoughts that I miss some opportunities and I can not go into the profession. Maybe me no acting ambitions? "The actress returned to the profession, starring in the role of Ali in the series` Sibirochka" Vladimir Grammatikova. This was followed by the role of Lucy in the film "Full speed ahead!" And Natasha Gerasimova in "Cherub" Nikolai Geiko.

Anna Terekhina

His first major film role - Anna Terekhin in the series directed by Nicholas Ukrainian Captan "For all thank you" - Natalia Soldatov received wonderfully. In 2005, she enrolled in the Moscow acting agency, and a week later she received an invitation to audition for the show in Ukrainian. The samples were held in Moscow, and the material was sent to Kiev, director. Nikola Captan one just adopted a little-known film actress. Natalia still surprised to this fact: "The main heroine of the film by just not say. We still laugh with Nicky on this topic. When I asked him: "Nick, why ?! Why did you choose not any there a media person, and I "- he says:" I thought so ... "

But on producers Natalia did not impress. Short, fragile, like a trusting sparrow, she seemed too simple, "no." The director was able to convince them of his choice, and further survey showed that he was fully human.

For the filming of the show Natalia had three months to leave the house, leaving the child with her husband. Alex in this situation turned out to be on her side. "You have to work, and for us with my son, do not worry, we can handle", - he admonished her.

In the series, full of dramatic twists and turns, the actress has created the image of a modest provincial town, who came to the capital to work, finding love here, betrayal, many survived. Comparing himself with his heroine, Natalia says: "We had the same look on life. She is honest with themselves and with others, she is not afraid to look for what is, in the eyes of others, it selflessly loves his children. " Still, at least in one of these two women differ. If Anna keeps emotions in yourself, suppressing a reaction, even when it is unjustly accused, then Natalia nature outdoor person and explosive, nothing will not tolerate insults. "So I must warn: I`m not like lamb, like Anya Terekhina!"

After a successful first part of the series followed by a second, which was made by the creator of a different director - Valery Shalygo. From that part was completely different: if the first was full of drama, the second is already like a light comedy. Changed and the heroine Natalia Soldatova: "In the first part of the movie Anna-sufficient man who somehow resist life circumstances (eg, escapes with the baby), and in the second - it is amorphous, ill, inactive. Here my character gives me a feeling of pity. " However, all this the actress reacted philosophically, finding all its advantages: "In the first part, I was keen on drama, and I was worried about acting. Now I enjoy the comedic moments, but the plot seems to me, is not worried about anyone, even the audience ... "

Movie. 2006-2011,

After the series "For all thank you" Natalia Soldatov became a regular feature on the silver screen. In 2007-08, she starred in the TV series "The Nine Lives of Nestor Makhno" (Vincent Danilevskaya), a musical melodrama "Ice Queen" (Elena), adventure melodrama "Ring with turquoise (Natasha), detective drama" The main piece of evidence "(Svetlana Klimova) melodrama, "Take me with you" (Leroy). Especially Natalia says his work in the film directed by Catherine Shagalova "Once in the province." The actress played the role of Angela, the mother-alcoholic, rearing year-old baby. "My role is diametrically opposed to the one that I played so far - I have to play a young mother-alcoholic. I am grateful to the director for the fact that it approved me for this role and gave a very important opportunity for me - try to play something from which I have so far, that I myself is very interesting ", - admitted in an interview with Natalia Soldatov.

Among the works by Natalia Soldatova in 2010-11: Julia in the melodrama "Angelica", Nastya in the detective film "Night Shift", Svetlana in the melodrama "Gyulchataj" Lily in the melodrama "The Dove".


Natalia and Alex live in a happy marriage. In 2010, their second child was born. In recognition of Natalia Alex is currently the mainstay of the family, he works as a manager in the administrative group of independent theater project.


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