Natalia Romanycheva

Picture of Natalia Romanycheva

Date of Birth: 09/05/1982

Age: 34

Place of birth: Simferopol

Citizenship: Russia

Actress different genres

Author: Igor BIN

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Romanycheva Natalia was born in Simferopol. From a young age the girl was fond of dancing, attending a ballet school. I love to the stage at Natalia woke up when she came to the children`s drama school. It was then, according to her, the whole world turned upside down for her. Natalya moved from Simferopol to Sevastopol and began to prepare for entrance to a theatrical institution. She did it - she was admitted to the Studio School (University) at the Crimean State Academic Russian Drama Theater named after Gorky.

Received in 2004 a diploma actress, Natalia Romanycheva she joined the Sevastopol Academic Russian Drama Theater named after Lunacharsky. On the stage of this theater, she played at different times of roles in "Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme" (The maid Nicole), "Talents and Admirers" (Alexandra Nikolaevna Negin), "Carmen" (Carmen), "Don Juan" (Donna Anna) "Dear Pamela" (GloriyaGulok), "Clever love" (Fenice), "love dance" (Leocadia), "Lady for a day" (Louise), "factory girl" (Nadia), "Family idyll" (Viktoria) "Everything in the garden" (Jenny), "Othello" (Bianca), "Dove" (Victoria).


"Two Friends" For the first time on the screen Natalia Romanycheva appeared in 2000 in a cameo role in the comedy adventure. Over the next ten years, the actress starred in the Russian and Ukrainian paintings of different genres (action films, melodramas, comedies), playing supporting roles and scenes. Big success of these tapes did not have, and therefore particularly well-known they are not brought to Natalia.

Everything changed in 2010, when Natalia Romanycheva approved for the lead role in the crime tape directed by Anton Bormatova "Alien." The main factors that contributed to the approval of the actress in the role, and noted her appearance, and the undoubted dramatic talent, and (very important!) It "nezamylennost" in numerous TV shows.

The film "Alien" was unfolding in the dashing 90`s. Four children from the criminal group were sent on a mission to find Angela, the sister of a Babai. Initially, the actress reacted skeptically to the scenario - again action, shootouts. But then the work it has carried away. To create an image of Angela suggested she approached creatively, trying to imagine it not just a heartless bitch, and a girl, set in the alleged circumstances and therefore forced to behave according to the situation.

The film "Alien" has caused strong reactions from the audience. Noting perfectly conveys the atmosphere of the 90s, well-chosen music track, a dynamic plot, strong cast, the audience was isolated Natalia Romanycheva that has become a real gem of a picture.

The role in the film "Alien" was the first large uspehomNatali Romanycheva. were quick to follow and others behind him. So in the next year she starred in the title role of Tatiana Semenova 64-melodramatic serial drama "Maiden hunting." And in 2012, the screens out a great detective series "The Dragon Syndrome", in which she appears as a special agent Christine - Baltic girl without complexes. If you have a large number of series of movie stars of the first magnitude Natalia Romanycheva managed not only not lost, but to attract the attention of millions of viewers to its velvety voice, charm and beauty.


2000 Two Friends

2002 Dancing on the edge

2002 Trans-rr-vokursnitsa (Russia, Ukraine)

2006 Gold Koldzhata

2007 When it did not expect (Ukraine)

2008 Good Guys (Ukraine)

2008 Gold Troy

2010 Alien

2011 Maiden Hunt - series

2012 Dragon Syndrome (Russia, Ukraine) - series