Natalia Panova

Picture of Natalia Panova

Date of Birth: 03/25/1978

Age: 38

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Igor BIN

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Natalia Panova was born and raised in Moscow. On the acting profession girl did not initially conceived. She studied at the English special school, while engaged in tennis, but not professionally, but at the amateur level. His father, a former skater and speed skater, knew all the negative aspects of this great sport and did not want a future of her daughter.

With 15 years of Natalia Panova I started playing in the school theater studio. Perhaps it was then and there in her dream of the stage. Anyway, after graduation, she applied for a journalism of Moscow State University and in parallel (what parents do not know) in GITIS. The actress recalls: "Until the last exams at MSU I already take in GITIS. I remember when I came, running on the new Arbat crying. It was the most vivid impression of my life! "

Moon Theatre

In 1999, Natalia Panova graduated from RATI (course V.N.Levertova and B.A.Morozova) and was admitted to the Moscow Moon Theatre under the direction of Sergei Prokhanov. There she performed until 2006. Among her theatrical works: Abbey ( "Desire Under the Elms" - O`Neil), Azat ( "Tais shining" - S.Prohanov), daughter of Baba Yaga ( "Until the third cocks" - V.Shukshin), Eulalia ( "The Slave "- A. Ostrovsky), Katerina Ivanovna (" The Brothers Karamazov "- Fyodor Dostoyevsky), Natasha (" Good morning, darling "- A.Tashkov), Rice (" The Marriage of Bal`zaminova "- A. Ostrovsky), Hazel ( "time and the Conway family" - Dzh.Pristli) Yulinka ( "A Profitable Post" - A. Ostrovsky), "Congress Kakainovy ??Freud" on the play by S. Girgelya.


In the movie, Natalia Panova started with episodes. Then there were the roles in the series "Brigada" (Elena Eliseeva), "Cadets" (Raisa doctor), "Tourist" (Diana Karpin), "Kamenskaya-4" (Elena Dudarev), "I am a detective" (Olga) and others.

In 2008, the actress played a major role in the crime series "Witch Doctor." Her heroine was an employee of the FSB Natasha Panina. Happened Natalia participate in the high rating for a long time playing the projects - the audience remembered her Aniuta of "The Circus Princess" and Julia of "wedding ring".


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