Natalia Murashkevich

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Date of Birth: 02/15/1972

Age: 44

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia



Natasha was born in the family has no movie in any way. Her mother was a doctor, and his father - working. And the girl herself never saw herself an actress. Her interests lie in a completely different area. Since childhood, the girl loved all crawling, flying and just wiggling insects. Their world she had known before the world of men. Parents morning planted it in a flower bed, and Natasha could spend hours with your little insects swarm up until someone from the senior did not come to feed the child in the head. Difficult word "entomologist" she learned to pronounce one of the first.

When Natasha was seven years old, the family moved from Moscow to the capital city of Zvenigorod. According to the plans of parents only daughter had to attend a good school. And, of course, be an excellent student. Natasha wanted to enroll in the MSU Faculty of Biology. Always I knew it was very difficult, but I tried my best: chemistry with biology handed over on one five, participated in all school and district competitions.

By the nature of Natasha it was extremely timid, shy and quiet child. According to her, she felt more awkward if necessary, ask the stranger what time.

But once the quiet, calm girl`s life is over ...

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