Natalia Latysheva

Picture of Natalia Latysheva

Date of birth: 31.03.1982

Age: 34

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Igor BIN

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Natalia Latysheva graduated in 2005 SPbGATI (workshop AD Andreeva). Among theses young actress had roles: Hope in the play "Factory Girl" and Gurmyzhskoy in the play "Les". For a while she worked in the theater-studio Svetlana Hook. "Lysistrata" was busy as Lampito in the play.


In kinoNatalya Latysheva started with episodes (series "Paris", "boar", "two of the casket"). In 2007 she played a major role in the adventure series director Alexei Karelin "Catherine Musketeers." The heroine Natalia Latysheva in this fascinating series became maid Maria Barshchou - a kind of "Porthos in a skirt", and that the sword has good strength and is not deprived, and his words will not climb.

The following kinoraboty Latysheva, unfortunately, were less bright. In 2009, she starred in the TV series "The marriage contract" (Emma), in the historical drama "Good people" (Eugene Rudakova), in a mystical thriller "Justice wolves" (housekeeper Mile), in the drama "The History zechki" (Gal).

movie Fargo:

Paris 2005 - the show

2005 Boar

2006 Two of the casket - series

Brothers 2007 - series

2007 Santa Claus is urgently needed

2007 Catherine Musketeers - series

2009 Justice wolves

2009 Good people

2009 History zechki

2009 The marriage contract - series

2011 Streets of broken lamps, 11 - series

2011 Secrets of the investigation -9 - series